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Our Environment is changing: Keep up with the Change. *Note: Henceforth 'environment' means "our life support system."

Rochester, NY was one of the hosts of the World Canal Conference on September 19, 2010.

If it deals with the environment, Rochester, New York, and the Internet, it's here.

Adapting to and mitigating Climate Change in a way that sustains all life while striving to do so equitably is the defining issue of our time.  How we comport ourselves during this historic trial by fire will reveal our true nature.

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Since 1998, RochesterEnvironment.com has been an ongoing experiment to completely inform one community [Rochester, NY] of all its environmental Newslinks, Events, Daily Updates, Resources, Environmental Education, regional Climate Change, and Environmental Issues. Green Apps, and more...    * Please read this carefully, it's not the usual Yada Yada

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RochesterEnvironment.com – This is site a free media resource to encourage public dialogue on local environmental issues, a local newspaper devoted to a single community’s environment, an archive of Environmental News to capture a proper sense of time in which environmental issues transpire, and an attempt to frame environmental issues free of corporate, governmental, and any ideology.  Sustainability, connecting the dots of our environmental information, rules.  Understanding that all of our local Environmental Issues now must be interpreted in the context of Climate Change, which will be continually moving the bar on the state of our environment, is critical for our survival.  We Don't Get It!

The great conundrum of our times is that in a time of rapidly occurring Climate Change and a rapid disintegration of the environment that we need to thrive and survive, mainstream media still marginalizes environmental concerns. [Check often for this continually updated list on the possible consequences of Climate Change in our region--supported by facts.] If there isn’t a quick and substantial change in how environmental concerns are reported, edited, and chosen in mainstream media, the public will continue to believe that environmental concerns are merely special interest matters, issues they can avoid if they choose.  How can we inform the public and monitor our environment without abridging our Freedoms--in enough time to save ourselves?   Bookmark This Site

All of us, says President Obama, must take responsibility in getting the message out on Climate Change. Remarks by the President on Climate Change “Understand this is not just a job for politicians.  So I'm going to need all of you to educate your classmates, your colleagues, your parents, your friends.  Tell them what’s at stake.  Speak up at town halls, church groups, PTA meetings.  Push back on misinformation.  Speak up for the facts.  Broaden the circle of those who are willing to stand up for our future. Convince those in power to reduce our carbon pollution.  Push your own communities to adopt smarter practices.  Invest.  Divest.  Remind folks there's no contradiction between a sound environment and strong economic growth.  And remind everyone who represents you at every level of government that sheltering future generations against the ravages of climate change is a prerequisite for your vote.  Make yourself heard on this issue.” (June 25, 2013)  The White House Blog | Your acquaintances were watching a non-media network like FOX and missed Obama’s Climate Change talk?  Send them here: President Obama Speaks on Climate Change "Published on Jun 25, 2013 President Obama lays out his vision for a comprehensive plan to reduce carbon pollution, prepare our country for the impacts of climate change, and lead global efforts to fight it. June 25, 2013. "

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Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water. Don't sit this one out. Do something. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet.-- Carl Sagan


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Rochester area NewsLinks.

NewsLinks: Get the most important environmental news of the day and monitor your environment daily.  Also: Get Newslinks since 1998… Unlike other news, environmental news often takes time to reach our attention. Follow potential problems and catch them before they're catastrophes.


Today's Rochester-Area Environmental News:

My hope is that you will read these stories and connect them to the world we now live in, one that is warming because of Climate Change.  Then pass these stories to those you are connected to and have them spread the word.  Mainstream media is either unwilling or incapable of reporting responsibly and adequately on a world that is warming, which is why many still don’t understand the vast changes we must make to adapt and mitigate Climate Change. 

To be sure you have the latest News, refresh your browser, or Ctrl +R.  

News Highlight

Six reasons why Rochester media didn’t cover election forum           

by Frank J. Regan

“Photo by Frank J. Regan: "

On Wednesday evening, Sept. 16th, from 7 to 9PM, at least fifteen candidates for local county and city offices addressed questions on “Building an Economy for Climate Stability” to a large gathering at the Harley School in Brighton. It was a unique opportunity for voters to hear their potential leaders speak about how they would help create a climate for green jobs and address Climate Change locally. Everyone in the room at Harley had a chance to hear the science of Climate Change urgently brought to the local level from their well-informed and enthusiastic candidates. Except the Rochester media was not there. Not one. Not only that, but none of our local media (except Rochester City Newspaper and WXXI’s “Connections”) helped promote this critical local forum that attempted to address the crisis of our age.

Why not? Why wouldn’t the media in the third largest city in New York State bother promoting and covering an election forum that would encourage more citizens to attend, vote, and get educated on local election issues? This media silence is even more puzzling given the constant navel-gazing by our mass media as to why the public doesn’t vote:

Forum asks: Why don't we vote?  | Meager turnout in last week's primary election left voting advocates wondering why so few people exercise their right to vote, and how to get more citizens to the polls. The League of Women Voters of the Rochester Metropolitan Area will seek answers at a public forum at 7 p.m. Monday at Asbury First United Methodist Church, 1050 East Ave. Nazareth College professor Timothy Kneeland will lead a discussion with George Moses, director of North East Area Development, and Andrea Cain, vice president for programs and interim CEO of Community Place. (September 17, 2015) Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

So to help you understand this seeming hypocritical stance by our media (wanting voters to vote but refusing to promote or cover election forums), we have come up with some conjectures as to how this bizarre phenomenon might have come about:    more...

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Green Business.

Green Business - We are working on finding Green Jobs for our area.  As always, we will post anything we can dip up on finding employment for people who want to sustain themselves and the planet at the same time.

Here's the Latest on Green Business News for the Rochester, NY area:

  • SolarCity seeking suppliers Rochester Business Alliance President and CEO Bob Duffy is encouraging Rochester-area businesses to check into opportunities for suppliers of SolarCity, the solar-panel maker expected to open in 2016 in Buffalo. SolarCity is looking for suppliers for gases, chemicals, aluminum, copper, extrusion, stamping, anodizing, solar glass, junction boxes, tapes, pastes, labels, logistics, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, compressed dry air, professional services, and more. (June 24, 2015) Rochester Democrat and Chronicle [more on Solar Power and Green Business in our area]

  • Irondequoit development project goes green A major development project in Irondequoit is focused on going green. The Market at I-Square is now complete with a rooftop garden. The garden is just one part of the project's goal to be eco-friendly. "It's a sustainable measure to eliminate storm water runoff from reaching Lake Ontario which is the goal for everyone in Irondequoit," Owner Mike Nolan said. Whatever water isn't absorbed by the garden is filtered through the tiling and even the sidewalk outside into a tank underground. The water is then re-used for irrigation and landscaping. (May 29, 2015) WHAM [more on Green Business in our area]

  • EPA Funding Helps Businesses in Upstate New York Prevent Pollution; $268,000 Will Help Small and Medium-Sized Companies The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $268,383 to organizations in New York to fund projects that will help small and medium-sized businesses reduce pollution. These grants were awarded to the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute and Empire State Development. “EPA helps businesses reduce the use of toxic materials, save energy, protect human health and save money,” said Regional Administrator Judith A. Enck. “The strategy is simple: it’s always better not to generate waste in the first place. It’s better for the environment and it’s better for a company’s bottom line.”  (November 10, 2014) EPA News Releases from Region 2 [ more on Green Business in our area]

  • You’re a student wanting a career in Sustainability or you’re and industry that wants to be more sustainable- meet at Climate Corps. “EDF Climate Corps is the premier fellowship program from Environmental Defense Fund. We recruit and train top graduate students and embed them in leading organizations to provide expert hands-on support for your energy management initiatives.”

Event Highlight

  Paris 2015 |COP21-CMP11


 France from 30 November to 11 December 2015 

“In 2015, France will be hosting and presiding the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21/CMP11), otherwise known as “Paris 2015” from November 30th to December 11th. COP21 will be a crucial conference, as it needs to achieve a new international agreement on the climate, applicable to all countries, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C. France will therefore be playing a leading international role to ensure points of view converge and to facilitate the search for consensus by the United Nations, as well as within the European Union, which has a major role in climate negotiations.”

Top Ten Things You Can Do for Rochester’s Environment .

This list assumes you are ready to take responsibility (as a member of the only species capable of doing so) for your presence at this critical time in our planet’s history.  And, it isn’t about just your personal fulfillment thing—our environment isn’t politics, religion, a fad, or a cause; it’s science all the way down. Pollute the planet, stuff happens.  Finally, in order for the effects of this list to be effective a lot (I mean billions) of humans need to do them too.  In the deepest practical sense, everything you do (where you live, what you eat, what you buy, what you throw away) matters to our environment. Ready folks, here we go:

  • Be engaged with the issues surrounding our local environment by monitoring the media, books, reports, and the Internet using the laws of Nature as your guide to monitor how our lifestyle is affecting our environment.
  • When you consume anything--food, water, cars, gadgets, whatever—do so as though you were demonstrating how to consume for the rest of the world—considering the lifecycle of the products you buy, how they are made, how they are used, and how you get rid of them.
  • When you have someplace to go, consider all your options in order of their affect on our environment: walking, biking, car-pooling, mass transit, and lastly a personal vehicle. 
  • Conserve energy until we find a non-polluting, renewable energy source.
  • Vote. If you’re doing good for our environment and your representative in government doesn’t get it, you’re just making yourself feel good without much effect.
  • Recycle, reuse and encourage your local government to create a place where recycling just about everything is the norm.
  • Think twice before using toxic chemicals that make your yard look like a golf course and your house like a hospital.
  • Consider other species (plants and animals) and their role in sustaining our environment.  Our environment, our life support system, IS plants and animals and soil. When they don’t function neither will we.
  • Adopt green business practices: your business will save our environment and be able to compete with the rest of the world.
  • Communicate your concerns about the state of our environment to everyone. Sustainability isn’t going to work unless everyone gets on board quickly.    Encourage all your news sources to have an environmental section daily and help move environmental investigations and news to mainstream media.


350.org is an international campaign that's building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis—the solutions that science and justice demand. Our mission is to inspire the world to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis—to create a new sense of urgency and of possibility for our planet.  


Green Events.

RochesterEnvironment.com Environmental Calendar is the longest running and most comprehensive environmental calendar for our area. Got an environment event? Contact me and I'll get it listed.

Here are some events coming up soon & lots more...    


  • Sat., Oct. 3rd @ 830am to 4:00 PM(Free) Finger Lakes Institute, Geneva, NY   
    • FingerLakes: WET2.0 & Watershed Science for the Classroom on Sat., Oct. 3rd @ 830am (Free) The Finger Lakes Institute at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY is hosting an educator workshop, “Project WET 2.0 and Watershed Science for the Classroom,” onSaturday, October 3rd from 8:30 am – 4 pm. Workshop Details Location: Finger Lakes Institute, Geneva, NY Date: Saturday, October 3, 2015 Time: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM Cost: FREE Registration Deadline: Thursday, October 1st NYSDEC Regional Environmental Educator, Betsy Ukeritis, will be leading the Project WET 2.0 training in the morning. Participating teachers will experience WET2.0's innovative water-related activities designed to help students in grades K-12 explore water's physical properties, aquatic ecosystems, and water quality impacts. They will receive a free WET2.0 curriculum guide for this award-winning program! In the afternoon, FLI Education Program Manager, Nadia Harvieux, will be sharing a compilation of “best- of” watershed activities for the classroom that are hands-on and fun for kids! Teachers will also learn to use the EnviroScape Watershed Model which will be available to borrow from the FLI. To learn more or to register, please contact Nadia Harvieux at Harvieux@hws.edu 
  • Racism and climate change post-Katrina, Wed. Oct 7, Bath
    • on Wed, Oct. 7, at 7 PM, at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 122 Liberty Street in Bath, the Bath Peace and Justice Group is sponsoring a presentation by Henry Thomas, Associate Professor Emeritus, Public Administration, University of North Florida. Prof. Thomas, who grew up in New Orleans and now resides in upstate NY, will be speaking on the intersection of racism and climate change, ten years after Katrina. The event will be preceded by a potluck dinner at 6:30 PM.   For further information call 607 569-3564.
  • Friday, October 9, 2015  7:30 pm at the Briarwood Bldg. in St. John's Meadows, 1 Johnsarbor Dr. E,  Rochester 14620
    • "The HIstory of Highland and Durand-Eastman Parks and Their Plants"  Friday, October 9, 2015  7:30 pm at the Briarwood Bldg. in St. John's Meadows, 1 Johnsarbor Dr. E,  Rochester 14620   Beverly Gibson, Horticulturist for the Landmark Society, will detail the history of these wonderful parks and their plantings.  The role of private citizens as well as noted horticulturists and landscape architects such as Frederick Law Olmsted, will be part of the program as well.  www.facebook.com/BANC.roc     http://www.bancny.org/  
  • 2nd Sunday's starting October 11, 2015, 2:45 - Steele Room, 2nd floor, Pittsford Library, Pittsford, NY 
    • Healthy Lifestyle Science, learn what science says about healthy lifestyle. Limited seating: First come, first seated. Starting October 11, 2015. Info Mike Rudnick, mic.rudnick@gmail.com Sponsored by Plant-Pure Pod Rochester, (not a Pittsford-library event)
  • October 14, 2015
    • Will Rochester continue to try and sit out Climate Change? Event PeoplesClimate.org coming up, will Rochester be there? “Join us in a national day of action around the United States on October 14, 2015.” About five hundred folks from the Rochester region made their way to the People’s Climate March in New York City last September to get our leaders to take action on Climate Change. On the day before Earth Day this year, over 800 folks came to see Dr. Hansen speak on how quickly Climate Change is happening. Now, before the historic climate summit in Paris this Nov/Dec, with local attention to this worldwide crisis almost completely quiet, will Rochester step up to the plate and make our voices heard in October—that our leaders, including our local leaders take action on Climate Change? Find out about PeoplesClimate.org. Plan to join, get your organization to lead a march, something. Create an action; Join an action. October 14, 2015.
  • Thursday, October 15th at 2pm, St. Peter's Kitchen, 681 Brown St., Rochester, NY 14611

    • Save this date and our planet: a heads up, the Rochester community is in planning a local action in Rochester around the 2015 UN Climate Conference in Paris. More to come as I find out more. If you and your group want in, please show up “Thursday, October 15th at 2pm, St. Peter's Kitchen, 681 Brown St., Rochester, NY 14611 *Entrance and Parking is around the back of the building.” Don’t let your planet go down without a fight.

  • Friday, Oct. 16 at 7:00 p.m. at The Palace Theater, 2384 James St., Syracuse.
    • The Premier 2015 Climate Change Event in CNY!  "A Sea Change” Award-Winning Film Screening & Discussion on Climate Change Impacts, at The Palace Theater, Syracuse October 16, 2015 presented by The Syracuse International Film Festival Climate Change Awareness & Action Committee & GreeningUSA Change the Way You Think Change the Way You Feel Change the Way You Act Click Here for Discounted Advance Sale Movie Tickets  Program 5:15 pm Doors open; food trucks and vendor tables open 6:15 pm Symphoria cellist Lindsay Groves welcomes guests 6:45 pm Program starts 7:00 pm Movie starts 8:30 pm Panel Discussion and Q&A with:  Barbara Ettinger, Film Maker Sven Huseby, Film Protagonist Dr. Bruce Monger, Climate Scientist, Cornell University Chris Bolt, News & Public Affairs Director at WAER will moderate
  • Wednesday, October 21, 2015, the MCC Brighton Campus at 1000 East Henrietta Road, Rochester, New York
    • 2015 Futures Summit – “Cities of the Future” On Wednesday, October 21, 2015, a dynamic group of leaders in sustainability, resiliency and the future of our world will gather in Rochester. This year, we are proud to announce that Monroe Community College (MCC) will be our partner in presenting the FUTURES SUMMIT! All events will be held on Wednesday, October 21, 2015, the MCC Brighton Campus at 1000 East Henrietta Road, Rochester, New York. Greentopia | FUTURES SUMMIT, a biennial event, brings visionaries, thought leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, urban change-agents and others who are changing cities across North America and the globe. This conference features a modern, contemporary approach to sharing knowledge and experiences among people who are working NOW towards building sustainable communities, organizations and cities.
  • October 27, 2015  1:30PM-6:30PM Nazareth College of Rochester, Otto Shults Community Center,


  • November 29th
    • Join the GLOBAL People’s Climate March On November 29th we have the best moment of the decade to pressure our leaders to avoid catastrophic climate change. Together we can rise to the challenge and make this the biggest climate mobilisation ever.  Find an event near you, or create your own. - AVAAZ (means "voice") On November 29th, hours before world leaders meet at the Paris climate summit, we will create a Global Climate March, taking to the streets across thousands of cities to demand a safe future and planet powered by 100% clean energy. Save the date - November 29 - for the Global Climate March! - Host an event - Volunteer - Attend Register at this Website (Listing thanks to Re-ENERGIZE Buffalo.)
  • 30 November to 11 December 2015 | Paris, France
    • Paris 2015 |COP21-CMP11 France from 30 November to 11 December 2015  “In 2015, France will be hosting and presiding the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21/CMP11), otherwise known as “Paris 2015” from November 30th to December 11th. COP21 will be a crucial conference, as it needs to achieve a new international agreement on the climate, applicable to all countries, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C. France will therefore be playing a leading international role to ensure points of view converge and to facilitate the search for consensus by the United Nations, as well as within the European Union, which has a major role in climate negotiations.”


  • December 4th 2015 |  Le Trianon, Paris FR
    • “Pathway to Paris” and 350.org Announce Concert with Thom Yorke, Patti Smith, and more Pathway to Paris is an initiative in partnership with 350.org that brings together musicians, artists, activists, academics, politicians and innovators to participate in a series of events and dialogues to help raise consciousness around the urgency of climate action and the importance of establishing an ambitious, global, legally binding agreement at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris in December 2015. Co-founded by musician-activist-organizers Jesse Paris Smith and Rebecca Foon, Pathway to Paris kicked off with an intimate evening of music and speakers at Le Poisson Rouge immediately following the People’s Climate March in New York City in September 2014, with a series of similar events unfolding in New York and Montreal over the ensuing year. The final Pathway to Paris concert will take place December 4th 2015 in Paris and will include the musicians and speakers listed below (among others still to be announced): PATHWAY TO PARIS December 4th 2015 Le Trianon, Paris FR BILL MCKIBBEN   •   NAOMI KLEIN   •   VANDANA SHIVA • PATTI SMITH   •   THOM YORKE   •   FLEA   •   DHANI HARRISON •  TENZIN CHOEGYAL  •  JESSE PARIS SMITH   •   REBECCA FOON Doors: 18:30   Show: 19:30 Ticket go on sale September 2015


Genessee RiverWatch Initiative Working to restore the waters of the Genesee, improve access, increase use and encourage economic development that benefits from and contributes to the water quality of our region.



ACTION highlight

Take Action on 'Climate Smart Communities':

Pound for pound, getting community leaders to pledge to the state’s ‘Climate Smart Communities’ program is one of the most effective things people can do to address Climate Change. Take action! It’s all spelled out for you here:

Take Action on 'Climate Smart Communities':

New York State's Climate Smart Communities (CSC) program supports municipalities as they identify, plan and carry out projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, and prepare for the challenges climate change will bring. This program provides resources that enable localities to act on climate, without mandating which programs or policies they should adopt.  

Green Action.

ACTION: Often, I receive requests to pass on alerts, petitions, Public Comments on local environmental issues needing action by the Rochester Community and around the world.  

  • ACTION: Due Date: October 14, 2015
    • Will Rochester continue to try and sit out Climate Change? Event PeoplesClimate.org coming up, will Rochester be there? “Join us in a national day of action around the United States on October 14, 2015.” About five hundred folks from the Rochester region made their way to the People’s Climate March in New York City last September to get our leaders to take action on Climate Change. On the day before Earth Day this year, over 800 folks came to see Dr. Hansen speak on how quickly Climate Change is happening. Now, before the historic climate summit in Paris this Nov/Dec, with local attention to this worldwide crisis almost completely quiet, will Rochester step up to the plate and make our voices heard in October—that our leaders, including our local leaders take action on Climate Change? Find out about PeoplesClimate.org. Plan to join, get your organization to lead a march, something. Create an action; Join an action. October 14, 2015.

  • ACTION: Due Date: AUGUST 10, 2015 - FEBRUARY 8, 2016

    • From our friends over at the Fast Forward Film Festival:" As you know, this festival is about Rochester’s environmental voice and our first year was this past April. We had great success and the community reaction was very positive! We are now planning this second year, to take place Earth Week in April of 2016, and have made some changes to improve the festival.   One of those changes is the call for films earlier than last year. This year, we are OPENING for film submissions beginning AUGUST 10, 2015 - FEBRUARY 8, 2016. Films can be uploaded via our website at fastforwardroc.org. They are to to be 5 min. short films. More information can be found on the website.   Would you be able to put this in your newsletter beginning the week before August 10 and thereafter? Thank you so very much!
  • ACTION: Due Date Now!
    • "The 100% Renewable Now NYS Campaign is beginning to organize! This Campaign is aimed at getting the 100% Renewable Energy by 2030 bill passed by the NYS legislature. This project is anchored in sound science: Read this critical study: “Examining the feasibility of converting New York State’s all-purpose energy infrastructure to one using wind, water, and sunlight” If your organization wants to be more involved that is welcome.  Also, please call your legislators to ask them to co-sponsor (Assembly - A. 7497 or Senate - S. 5527). And see:  The Solutions Project (especially New York) to sign your organization up as a supporter.  Please help in this way!" (If someone in your group wants to attend some meetings in October to hammer out strategy and organizational details, contact me and I’ll get you in touch with the group organizing this issue in our region.) 
  • ACTION: Due Date Now!
    • Just about the last thing Henrietta needs is to chew up a wildlife area for more development. Sign a petition to Save Beckwith Park. “Since 1965, this scenic wildlife area has been a treasure for many families in Henrietta, New York. The Catholic Diocese of Rochester is in the process of selling this beautiful land to a developer, who intends to put single-family houses on the property. In a grassroots effort to save the land, neighbors and friends have banded together to stop the development of the land that makes our neighborhood our home.” Sign the petition here: and to learn more about this issue go to Save Beckwith Park.
  • ACTION: Due Date: Check specific events time and places
    • COP21 Paris Talks must not fail: Check out National and Global Climate Actions leading up to Paris Talks – and be a part of one. National and Global Climate Actions leading up to Paris Talks The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) will be held in Paris, France from November 30 to December 11, 2015. The conference objective is to achieve a legally binding and global agreement on climate from all the nations of the world.  In anticipation of the Paris Conference and in the face of environmental impacts fueled by continuously rising global temperatures, people across nations and around the world are mobilizing and calling on government leaders to take bold action to reduce global warming pollution in order to stabilize the climate. NATIONAL & GLOBAL CLIMATE ACTIONS: Important Dates - Events - Organizers August 29 -  Commemoration of 10 years since Hurricane Katrina - PCM September 24 - People’s Rally for Climate Justice - MAC  October 14 - National Day of Action - PCM November 29 - Global Climate March - AVAAZ December 4 - Pathway to Paris: Concert & Speakers - Pathway2Paris and 350.org (August 3, 2015) Re-ENERGIZE Buffalo
      • JOIN THE GLOBAL CLIMATE MARCH Last year our community helped create the biggest climate mobilisation in history at the People’s Climate March. Now, on November 29th -- hours before leaders arrive at the Paris climate summit -- it’s time to go even bigger! Click to say "I’m in" for this year’s People’s Climate March” -- and Avaaz will get in touch by phone or email with updates on how to get involved in your city! –from “Avaaz—meaning "voice" in several European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages—launched in 2007 with a simple democratic mission: organize citizens of all nations to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want.”
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • Our home environments can be healthy. Help get the word out. This from Elizabeth McDade, Program Manager Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning c/o Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency 1150 University Ave. Rochester, NY 14609 (585) 224-3125 www.letsmakeleadhistory.org "The newly revised Healthy Homes Guides have arrived and I need YOUR help to get this cubical emptied by Labor Day. HELP! If you need some resource guide books or can help distribute Healthy Homes, Healthy Families POSTERS, please contact Elizabeth McDade elizabethmcdade@flhsa.org  (585) 224-3125 Also, feel free to share this link to the Resource Guide book
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • "Call on Governor Cuomo and The Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx to take immediate action to protect the public and the environment from the dangers of crude-by-rail." Stop the Bomb Trains "As much as 7 billion gallons of crude oil could move by train through New York State annually under current and proposed permits as the nation’s “virtual pipeline” for crude oil expands. The Department of Transportation can take immediate action to reduce the risks of derailments, which have caused catastrophic spills of crude oil elsewhere in the United States and Canada, including the tragic loss last year of 47 lives and the destruction of a business district in Lac-Megantic, Quebec. The volatility of Bakken crude oil combined with the inadequacy of the DOT-111 railcars used to transport much of this cargo has led rail workers to dub them "bomb trains." Spills of heavy crudes, such as those from Alberta, Canada, tar sands, would have particularly damaging impacts to water and the ecosystems they support – because heavy crude oils can sink, clean-up is next to impossible. " Riverkeeper
  • ACTION:  Due Date: Now!
    • New York needs to transition to renewable energy (like Wind Power) now:  "New York has been slow out of the gate when it comes to opportunities like offshore wind. We can change that. Few states have the potential to be a national and global clean energy and climate leader like New York.  And right now, the state Public Service Commission (PSC) is accepting public comments on how to structure a new Large Scale Renewable Energy Program – and Environmental Advocates is urging the PSC to act on three critical fronts: Establish enforcement mechanisms to hold the state and utilities accountable for supplying 50 percent of our energy from clean renewables by 2030. Make the state’s Large Scale Renewables Program statewide (currently Long Island is excluded from the Renewable Portfolio Standard). Add offshore wind power to New York’s energy mix.  You can urge them to prioritize these initiatives, too!     Despite our state being home to some of the most attractive and productive wind farm locations in the nation, this plentiful source of renewable energy remains completely untapped. With Rhode Island constructing the nation’s first offshore wind farm, and Europe utilizing this same renewable energy source on a large scale, New York can step up and become a global clean energy leader.     Governor Cuomo has made a commitment to ensure 50 percent of our energy comes from clean, renewable sources by 2030. That means dramatically reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and building a clean, green energy economy with offshore wind and other sources of renewable energy.    Take Action Today! " (from Environmental Advocates of New York)
  • ACTION: Due Date, NOW!
    • Fracking ain't over in New York until it's over: Take action: Call on the NYS Senate and Assembly to ACT NOW to pass the Hazardous Waste Loophole Bill! Read more: Time to Close New York’s Fracking Waste Loophole Despite the recent historic ban on high-volume fracking, New York still has a fracking waste problem. More than 510,000 tons and 23,000 barrels – and counting – of waste from oil and gas extraction operations in neighboring Pennsylvania have been shipped to New York landfills for disposal. Leachate from those landfills is then sent to nearby wastewater treatment facilities. And New York State continues to allow the use of certain kinds of waste from low-volume oil and gas extraction on our roads for de-icing and dust control. Fracking waste can contain a number of pollutants, such as chemicals, metals, excess salts, and carcinogens like benzene and naturally-occurring radioactive materials. Due to a loophole in state law, oil and gas industry waste is exempt from hazardous waste requirements, meaning that – no matter what it contains – fracking waste is not classified as hazardous. This “hazardous waste loophole” also means that fracking waste can be disposed of at facilities unequipped to handle it, and in ways that can put our health and environment at risk. (June 3, 2015) Riverkeeper [more on Fracking in our area]
  • ACTION: Due Date, NOW!
    • Do this! DEMAND WORLD LEADERS SIGN A STRONG AGREEMENT AT THE PARIS CLIMATE NEGOTIATIONS IN DECEMBER. TAKE CLIMATE ACTION NOW Climate change threatens our lives and livelihoods. As the world’s leaders prepare to gather for the UN climate negotiations in Paris this December, now is the moment for the world to speak as one: A strong emissions reductions agreement is the key to our collective prosperity, and well-being for all. --from The Climate Reality Project
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • Submit letters to the Democrat and Chronicle Editors about oil trains passing thru Rochester and gas storage in the Seneca Lake salt mines concerns: Editorial submissions
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • Been wondering how your group can help our environment? Help monitor our Water Quality by being Citizen Scientists. “Citizen Science is a vital fast-growing field in which scientific investigations are conducted by volunteers.” Learn more, get training, get equipment, get started. EPA Region 2 Citizen Science |  Equipment Loan Program [PDF 437 KB, 5 pp] Apply for the Region 2 Citizen Science equipment Loan Program [PDF 318 KB, 2 pp] Citizen Science is a vital fast-growing field in which scientific investigations are conducted by volunteers.  Individuals and community groups have long collected data to better understand their local environment and address issues of concern to them.  Over the past decade, there has been an explosion of citizen science projects as tools have advanced and people have become more empowered.  These projects have been remarkably successful in expanding scientific knowledge, raising people’s awareness of their environment, and leveraging change. EPA Region 2
  • ACTION: Due Date NOW!
    • Please sign this petition: Sign the petition: Stop NPR from gutting its climate coverageAs tax-paying citizens of the USA, whose government supplies 4.6% of NPR’s income (and 39% from individual contributors), we insist that you restore your climate reporting team—or rather, actually increase it. At this critical juncture, with the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris is coming up where our leaders need to act on Climate Change, our public needs more day-to-day, accessible, and thorough coverage. NPR’s reasoning that “because so many other staffers cover the subject, along with their other beats”, it’s OK to gut your climate reporting teams ignores the fact that so many Americans are uninformed about an issue that requires long-term planning and public support for long-term adaptation strategies as noted in most climate plans and studies. more...
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • New York State needs a clear and enforceable climate action plan so we can prepare our state for damage to our public health, our water, waste, transportation, telecommunications infrastructures and agriculture.  This cannot be done ad hoc, or just with grants, or just using the market forces.  Properly planning for something as pervasive as Climate Change needs top-down direction from our leaders.  Urge Governor Cuomo to Develop a Climate Action Plan "Governor Cuomo,  The world is changing. New York communities have been caught devastated by the growing climate crisis, suffering through hurricanes and other extreme weather events. World leaders, assembled by the United Nations for a summit on the climate crisis, have recognized the need to act now to protect communities worldwide from the ravages of climate change, and to create an economy that works for the people and the planet.  Governor, you’ve already made a commitment to an 80 percent reduction in carbon pollution by 2050. We applaud you for this. We ask that you articulate your plan for getting us there. It is time for you to take the bold step to pull our state out of the dirty energy ways of the past and to move us forward with energy sources that are clean, healthy and beneficial for all New Yorkers.  We, the undersigned are asking your administration to seize the moment by creating a climate action plan for New York. We believe that without such a plan, piecemeal efforts to offset or mitigate the hazards of climate change will too little and too late. New York should be a clean energy leader, and a leader in cutting climate-altering pollution. We are calling on you to prepare a plan to fight climate change, keep our communities safe, and move New York away from the dirty fossil fuels of the past.  Sincerely, " from Environmental Advocates of New York
  • ACTION: Due Date Now!
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • Pound for pound, getting community leaders to pledge to the state’s ‘Climate Smart Communities’ program is one of the most effective things people can do to address Climate Change. Take action! It’s all spelled out for you here: Take Action on 'Climate Smart Communities': New York State's Climate Smart Communities (CSC) program supports municipalities as they identify, plan and carry out projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, and prepare for the challenges climate change will bring. This program provides resources that enable localities to act on climate, without mandating which programs or policies they should adopt. 
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • Interested in the water quality of our rivers and streams and want to get trained to help monitor them?  "Reminder -- Volunteers for Stream and River Monitoring Wanted: DEC is looking for citizen scientist volunteers for stream and river monitoring as part of the Water Assessments by Volunteer Evaluators (WAVE) project. Volunteers visit stream sites once between July and September to collect macroinvertebrates -- insects and other small organisms -- from the rocks and rubble on the stream bottom.  In 2014, volunteers can participate by joining a local WAVE group led by a trained local coordinator, or by sampling independently. Volunteers working under a trained local coordinator do not need to attend a training session; however, volunteers who want to work independently must attend a training session.  WAVE training sessions rotate around the state on a five-year schedule, targeting those basins that will be sampled by DEC's Stream Biomonitoring Unit the following year.  Three training sessions remain for 2014: June 14 in Esperance, June 21 in Wyoming and June 29 in New Hartford. " (June 13, 2014) The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) 
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!  
    • Give Feedback to open.ny.gov! Back in March of 2013,  Governor Cuomo Launches Open.NY.Gov Providing Public Unprecedented User-Friendly Access to Federal, State and Local Data “Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today launched "open.ny.gov," a new and comprehensive state data transparency website that provides - for the first time - user-friendly, one-stop access to data from New York State agencies, localities, and the federal government. The website, featuring economic development, health, recreation, and public services information, was unveiled today during Sunshine Week, a nationwide initiative designed to raise awareness about the importance of open government.”  open.ny.gov is now up and running and filled with a lot of data, most of not really helpful in learning about the state of our environment.  This data site is a good start, but it could use some more datasets focused on information we need to monitor the health of our New York State environment—especially as Climate Change affects our state. Consider giving open.ny.gov suggestions on new datasets, like Brownfield sites that need cleaning up, what kind of toxins are still the in Genesee River, where are all the landfills, what routes to hazardous materials take through our state, in what areas are folks getting cancer and what kind of cancers, and a lot more.  Give Feedback to open.ny.gov!
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW! 
    • Chance to volunteer and help largest wetland in Northeast. "Montezuma Audubon Center Seeks Volunteers   Savannah, NY - September 20 - The Montezuma Audubon Center (MAC), located at 2295 State Route 89 in Savannah, is seeking volunteers to strengthen the current staff’s ability to fulfill Audubon’s mission in conservation.  The MAC is dedicated toward providing opportunities for youth, families, and communities to connect to conservation and enhance the Montezuma Wetlands Complex as an Important Bird Area. We are looking for volunteers interested in routinely supporting day to day needs as an information desk receptionist, animal caretaker for our live reptiles and amphibians, and office supporter to help with clerical tasks. Please call Chris Lajewski at 315-365-3588 or e-mail montezuma@audubon.org for more information or to sign up today! "
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • New website by Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to demand clean energy and do away with dirty energy to prevent more Climate Change. "Tell President Obama to reject the climate-destroying, Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and lead the way to a clean energy future instead. " DemandCleanPower.org
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • Thinking it’s about time to do something on a big scale to combat Climate Change?  Think about joining Citizen’s Climate Lobby.  Here’s what Dr. James Hansen, head of Goddard Institute for Space Studies, NASA say’s "Most impressive is the work of Citizens Climate Lobby, a relatively new, fastgrowing, nonpartisan, nonprofit group with 60 chapters across the United States and Canada. If you want to join the fight to save the planet, to save creation for your grandchildren, there is no more effective step you could take than becoming an active member of this group." The contact information for the local Rochester group: nyrochester@citizensclimatelobby.org We meet monthly, and people can contact us for more info on getting involved!
  • ACTION: Due Date NOW!
    • Don’t need those massive phone books?  Just throw them away because you’re a digital kind of person? Opt out of getting those phone books, easy peasy, and save trees .  Phone Book Opt-Out Program Gives Choice to Consumers Did you know you can control how many phone books you get every year, or whether you get one at all? In the age of smart phones and Wi-Fi, the way people search for information is changing. For many, online search options are the new go-to for finding contact information to local residences or businesses. That means when a printed phone book arrives on your doorstep, it might go to waste. Find your local recycle  solution for Phone Books So why do phone books continue to show up? According to the Local Search Association, 70 percent of consumers still prefer to receive a printed phone book every year.  (November 20, 2012) Earth 911 [more on Recycling in our area]
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • Can you imagine what our world would look like if everyone used their smartphones to report environmental crimes? Healthier! Become an environmental crime stopper Polluting a stream and getting away with it? Violating the Clean Air Act without detection? Now, anyone with a smartphone can help bust abusers of the environment. New York State Crime Stoppers announced a new phone app that makes it very easy for people to instantly report environmental crimes to the appropriate agency. Cellfare created the app in collaboration with Crime Stoppers, Waterkeeper Alliance, state police and local law enforcement agencies across the state. (November 21, 2012) Investigative Post



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  • 10/03/2015 - One of the reasons why it’s so difficult to articulate the importance of addressing Climate Change locally is because most folks don’t understand the importance of our infrastructures. It’s pretty amazing that we have studies that have to ask, “What is infrastructure and why it is so important?” We aren’t even maintaining the infrastructures we have—water, waste water systems, telecommunications, transportation, and much more—let alone preparing them for more extreme weather (frequent heavy flooding, and heat) and all the other consequences that come with Climate Chang in our area.  We should be voting in the up-and-coming elections based on how the candidates will address these issues. But we’ve barely had a dialogue during this critical year on Climate Change in our local elections. For those wondering in the back of their minds, at what point will Climate Change affect me personally? it is at the level of massive and frequent infrastructure breakdowns that they will notice—and they will be sorry they voted for leaders who hadn’t prepared them and their built systems that make our way of life possible. If you’re thinking, we’ll just address these infrastructure problems when they happen, you just don’t know Climate Change. BTW: These Climate Change threats to our local infrastructure are not simply my opinion. My insights are based on three official climate studies that address our region: Responding to Climate Change in New York State (ClimAID) sponsored by NYSERDA, the New York State Climate Action Plan Interim Report, and the report on the “Northeast” by the National Climate Assessment, which is to say the US government. | Road and bridge funding sought by engineers and government leaders New York's infrastructure is crummy and getting worse, as anyone who drives on the state's roads probably already realizes. The American Society of Civil Engineers gives the state's infrastructure a C- in a report card it released this morning (the report is attached at the bottom of this post). But the grade is boosted by B- grades on parks and solid waste infrastructure. The state's roads get a D- and its bridges a D+. In Rochester, the roads are in such rough enough shape that they cost drivers an average $402 in repairs annually, according to the ASCE report. In Buffalo, the roads suck a little less, apparently, since they cost drivers there an average of $293 annually.  The ASCE looked at other areas, too. Drinking water infrastructure receives a C, for example, and the state's waste water systems get a D. (September 29, 2015) Rochester City Newspaper
  • 10/03/2015 - We have been using the Great Lakes for our toilet for so long we’ve long since monitored what we throw into it. For those though think that these chemicals (triclosan and triclocarban) that they’ve never heard of are just another way scientists and the media keep bugging them about environmental problems fail to consider that these continual stories about environmental damage are the result of our not taking a proactive, a precautionary principle, approach to our environment. We have trashed first and asked questions about the consequences later. Our way of life has to change so we can have a sustainable environment. There’s probably a lot more information coming about how our wasteful and dismissive attitude towards our environment is going reveal more challenges to our ecosystems—not because scientists have nothing better to do than depress us, but because we are learning a lot more about how our ecosystems work and how finely tuned they are and how even small disturbances can have dramatic consequences. With our environment, what you don’t know can hurt you. The chemicals in some everyday soaps threaten Great Lakes water quality  (October 3, 2015) The Buffalo News
  • 10/03/2015 - Maybe in the world of climate diplomacy there are no penalties for the countries who haven’t pledged for the COP21 climate pact, just reproachful gazes. But in the real world there are catastrophic penalties for all the countries of the world, all the ecosystems, and all life if all nations don’t come together and bring down our planet’s greenhouse gas emissions. Hall of shame: Who hasn’t pledged yet to UN climate pact? Nearly 50 countries missed the UN deadline for carbon-cutting plans. Whether due to limited means, sloth or belligerence, here are the big ones not playing ball In the world of climate diplomacy there are no penalties, just reproachful gazes.  As it stands, 49 countries covering about 10% of global greenhouse gases according to EU 2012 data, might get the silent treatment at a Paris summit in December. At the close of UN talks in Poland in 2013, countries who were “ready to do so” were invited to produce an “intended nationally determined contribution” (INDC) by the first quarter of 2015. (October 2, 2015) ClimateHome
  • 10/03/2015 - Over two busloads (including many on trains and vehicles) of concerned local folks contributed to an incredible 400,000 people who marched in New York City on September 21st of last year for the People’s Climate March. We were marching on that historic day to get our leaders to act on Climate Change. The Rochester People’s Climate Coalition (RPCC), an organization of 48 organizations (and counting), grew out of that effort to get Rochesterians to the People’s Climate March. One of the ways we were able to quickly bring together a coalition, “including businesses, churches, political offices, environmental groups, and other nonprofits”, was through an online ‘hub’ on the PeoplesClimate.org’s website. Here’s is that story of how a temporary coalition of all kinds of groups from around the worlds gathered together online and contributed to the success of the Peoples Climate March. THE UNFINISHED BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH After all of the hype, where is the People’s Climate Movement? The People’s Climate March last fall in New York City was a monumental feat of organizing prowess. Seasoned environmentalists from big-budget nonprofits worked with grassroots activists from scrappy community-based groups to pull together the largest environmental demonstration in history. The motto “To change everything, we need everyone” was prominently displayed on the homepage of PeoplesClimate.org. To encourage inclusivity, the international environmental group 350.org hired a contractor to implement an online platform that supported decentralized network organizing. The platform was an important tool for getting people, especially those outside New York City, to the march. It made it easy for anyone to participate, even if they were not a member of a big environmental group, through a system of “hubs” that invited people to join based on geographic-, religious-, community-, or issue-based identities. However, after the march was over—after the headlines had been made—financial, technical, and administrative support for the hubs ended, in spite of declarations that the march would be “about more than just a single day.” (May 20, 2015) Civic Hall
  • 10/02/2015 - Remember: insects--which carry EEE, West Nile Virus, Dengue fever, and malaria—will flourish on Climate Change. We should plan for this eventuality so we don’t end up knee-deep in pesticides. Second person in NYS dies from EEE A second person in New York State has died from Eastern Equine Encephalitis. The Oswego County Health Department says the adult in the Town of Albion, in Oswego County, died after being hospitalized with the illness. A second person in New York State has died from Eastern Equine Encephalitis. The Oswego County Health Department says the adult in the Town of Albion, in Oswego County, died after being hospitalized with the illness. Eastern Equine Encephalitis is a rare, but serious, viral infection that is transmitted through bites from infected mosquitoes. (October 2, 2015) Webster Post
  • 10/02/2015 - Outside the world of football, ‘punt’ means to avoid an issue you should be addressing. Like Monroe County would rather not ban the sale of personal care products containing plastic microbeads because that would be so anti-free market and pro Big Government. On the other hand, the county doesn’t want to look like they are indifferent to water quality issues—just when they won a great big award from the Water Environment Federation. In football, going for a punt shows leadership, outside of football, not so much. County Republicans punt on microbead ban A Democratic proposal to ban the sale of personal care products containing plastic microbeads may not doomed after all.  (September 30, 2015) Rochester City Newspaper
  • 10/02/2015 - Save this date and our planet: a heads up, the Rochester community is in planning a local action in Rochester around the 2015 UN Climate Conference in Paris. More to come as I find out more. If you and your group want in, please show up “Thursday, October 15th at 2pm, St. Peter's Kitchen, 681 Brown St., Rochester, NY 14611 *Entrance and Parking is around the back of the building.” Don’t let your planet go down without a fight.
  • 10/02/2014 - Trust me, when the public finds out that raw sewage is going to be put into our waterways—they will give a shit! There is no good reason why in 2015 we need to use our waterways as a toilet. St. Lawrence raw sewage dump on hold after public outcry Mayor Denis Coderre orders stop to work that would have released untreated wastewater into river The City of Montreal is putting the brakes on its plan to release untreated wastewater directly into the St. Lawrence River next month. The city says it has to do important work on a major sewer interceptor, starting Oct. 18 and lasting about one week. Earlier this week, the city said it had no other option but to divert about eight billion litres of untreated wastewater from the sewers into the St. Lawrence. The province's Environment Ministry has approved the decision. However, the city is now reconsidering the plan after news of the sewage release became public this week. (October 1, 2015) CBC News
  • 10/02/2015 - Efforts by the public as citizen science could & should vastly increase our understanding and monitoring of Climate Change. “Citizen science encourages members of the public to voluntarily participate in the scientific process. Whether by asking questions, making observations, conducting experiments, collecting data, or developing low-cost technologies and open-source code, members of the public can help advance scientific knowledge and benefit society.” Accelerating Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing to Address Societal and Scientific Challenges Summary:  Today, the White House is hosting a forum on citizen science and crowdsourcing. While only a fraction of Americans are formally trained as professional scientists and engineers, everyone can contribute to science, engineering, and technology through open science and innovation approaches, such as citizen science and crowdsourcing projects. Citizen science encourages members of the public to voluntarily participate in the scientific process. Whether by asking questions, making observations, conducting experiments, collecting data, or developing low-cost technologies and open-source code, members of the public can help advance scientific knowledge and benefit society. Through crowdsourcing – an open call for voluntary assistance from a large group of individuals – Americans can study and tackle complex challenges by conducting research at large geographic scales and over long periods of time in ways that professional scientists working alone cannot easily duplicate. These challenges include understanding the structure of proteins related viruses in order to support development of new medications, or preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters. (September 30, 2015) The White House
  • 10/02/2015 - Scientists say we should bring climate temperatures back down to preindustrial levels. We’ve increase climate temperatures to about 1C above those averages. At the Copenhagen climate talks the world agreed to keep climate temperatures at 2C, which is what the COP21 Paris treaty this year is struggling to achieve. But it looks like present efforts would only reduce climate temperatures to 1C from its present trajectory for 3.5C by 2100. If we fail altogether to bring down greenhouse gas emissions, we’re slated for about 4.5C. Some say, 4.5 is game over. Some say, 3.5 is unendurable. Some say, 2C is dangerously high and our lives will be dramatically altered. Some say, the 1C we’ve already warmed our climate has set in motion catastrophic sea level rise, has cause climate refugees, extreme weather, and jeopardizes our food production. And some say, humanity thrived in the Holocene which gave us a stable climate temperature for 10,000 years and that’s where we ought to set the thermostat given that we haven’t a clue as to how our planet and all the beings on it will adjust to a tenfold increase in climate temperatures. Time passes. Offers for Paris Climate Talks Would Reduce Warming by 1°C Warming could be reduced from 4.5˚C to 3.5˚C under INDCs submitted to date The current national offers of climate action submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) would reduce projected warming by approximately 1°C, according to a new analysis released today from Climate Interactive and MIT Sloan. A Paris agreement based on these offers would put the world on track for a global temperature increase of 3.5°C (6.3°F), with a range of uncertainty from 2.1 to 4.6°C (3.7 to 8.4°F), down from the 4.5°C (8.1°F) of warming above pre-industrial levels if nations continue on the business-as-usual track. (September 28, 2015) Climate Interactive
  • 10/01/2015 - Another chance for Monroe County Executive candidates to dialogue together about their positions on Climate Change dashed. On the first forum, the press nor the GOP candidate didn’t show up. Three more chances yet to come. Will this race, like the Rochester’s mayor’s race last year, occur without talking about adapting to Climate Change locally and how our local leaders will lead and plan and educate the public on this worldwide crisis? Is the public OK with Climate Change getting buried in this critical election? Time passes. County executive forum fizzles It was a candidates night that wasn't.  (October 1, 2015) Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
  • 10/01/2015 - The City of Rochester, NY has a new website design. A comprehensive Climate Action plan would look very nice on it. Buried inside this new design is the “Energy Management and Climate Action Status Report” but it seems to be incomplete. We were told back in January (See “Rochester to undertake citywide climate inventory” in Rochester City Newspaper) that the City of Rochester was “hiring a consultant to help it put together a Climate Action Plan” where the City says “It's important for the City of Rochester to be viewed as a leader in the climate change fight.” Time passes.
  • 10/01/2015 - On the other hand, this VW scandal on using a “defeat device” to rig emissions tests on diesel engines could spark governments and environmental groups to test all the environmental claims of all industries. Which would wake us up that fudging environmental emission figures is a dangerous delusion we cannot afford. If this scandal goes beyond VW, the wheels will come off an entire industry  (September 27, 2015) The Guardian
  • 10/01/2015 - Take poll: What do you think, should New York State continue to burn coal for energy? Hint: It will wreck your children’s future.
  • 10/01/2015 - Thanks to Indymedia, Rochester, NY we got coverage of our local People's Climate March in Solidarity with Pope Francis. This is the large downtown, police escorted, rally with lots of folks on the 24th —that all the other local media did not report. There were lots of labor and environmental leaders along with candidates for the up-and-coming local elections who validated the connection between what is going on internationally, nationally, and locally on Climate Change. Please forward this news link all over as a verification that this event did occur, that the rest of the local public needs to be aware of it, and that Climate Change is local too. People's Climate March in Solidarity with Pope Francis Marchers met at Rochester's Liberty Pole on September 24 2015 in an event to call attention to Climate Change.  The march coincides with Pope Francis' visit to the United States.  In June the Pope published an Encyclical (official proclamation) in which he said “Climate change is a global problem with grave implications: environmental, social, economic, political and for the distribution of goods. It represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day.” (September 26, 2015) Rochester Indy Media
  • 9/30/2015 - This story about poor grades for NYS infrastructure is about Climate Change and the coming local elections.  The underlying problems of our deteriorating roads and bridges is not simply “scant and unpredictable money available for infrastructure”. The underlying problem is that our media and our leaders have not educated the public sufficiently so the tax paying public  can appreciate how vulnerable our transportation infrastructures (that carry us over worn out roads and dangerous crude oil over rickety bridges) when they are hit by more flooding and heat—besides the normal wear of these old systems. This problem is not due to a lack of money; it’s due to a lack of leadership and education. For if the public were to connect the dots between Climate Change consequences in our area and our lack of preparation for it, they’d be prepared to prioritize their concerns about how we will adapt locally to Climate Change when more extreme weather that will be happening more often in our region. The public will support Climate Change adaption measure—like fixing and updating our transportation infrastructures—when they are shown leadership and accurate information. This is a substantive issue this media and all local media should be addressing and demanding answers from the candidates in our up-coming elections. Report gives NY's roads, bridges poor grades A C-minus grade is nothing to brag about. But that's the overall assessment earned by New York's infrastructure systems — sewers, bridges and roads, public parks and solid waste — according to the state chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers. The group released its inaugural Infrastructure Report Card during a press conference Tuesday at the Blue Cross Arena. "One-third of New York's major highways are considered to be in poor or fair condition ... creating crippling congestion and climbing operating costs," according to the report card, which gave the state's road network a D-minus. "New York City-area drivers, accounting for half the state's population, each waste 53 hours per year just sitting in traffic." The organization gave New York Ds for its bridges, roads and wastewater. The state's aviation, drinking water, dams and transit systems earned Cs, and its parks and solid waste systems earned Bs. (September 30, 2015) Rochester Democrat and Climate Change
  • 9/30/2015 - Have our efforts at taking action on stopping the Asian Carp from getting into the Great Lakes been reduced to only ‘keeping tabs’ on them as they take over? 8 Asian grass carp caught in Great Lakes already this year LANSING, MI — Michigan officials are expressing concern but not major alarm at the several large Asian grass carp that were caught this summer in Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. A total of eight grass carp have been caught on the Canadian side of the Great Lakes this year. Seven of the invasive fish were found in Lake Ontario and one in Lake Erie. Tammy Newcomb, senior water policy advisor at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, said grass carp, while a banned species in Michigan and Canada, is not as concerning as theleaping silver and bighead carp threatening the Great Lakes via the Mississippi River basin. (September 28, 2015) Michigan Live
  • 9/30/2015 - This reminder from the DEC to “Urge Motorists to Use Caution During Wildlife Breeding Season”… shouldn’t we always be mindful of wildlife crossing our roads and highways? We are slaughtering wildlife at an incredible rate (More than 25,500 motor vehicle crashes in 2013 involved collisions with deer.) Now that it’s breeding season, we should be more careful and because Climate Change will urge more wildlife to move across our transportation systems even more so they can adapt to changes, we’ll need to be even more careful. Maybe we should re-think our transportation system that makes us travel on fossil fuels—as pavement and fuel that warms the planet and slaughters wildlife and causes humanity untold misery and money in accidents. I know roads and cars are here to stay forever—deal with it regardless. Time passes. New York State Agencies Urge Motorists to Use Caution During Wildlife Breeding Season  (September 29, 2015) The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)
  • 9/30/2015 - What is the October 14th National Day of Action and why should you care? “October 14: National Day of Action The People’s Climate Movement and others are calling for a National Day of Action Wednesday, October 14 to demand bold action on the climate crisis facing our planet. We are calling for a sustainable, democratic and just economy that preserves our planet and works for all peoples. At the end of 2015, nations will meet again to negotiate an United Nation’s climate agreement in Paris that commits all countries to address climate change. What comes out of Paris will not mark the end of our efforts but could be an important step in the global process of confronting climate change. This fall we will continue to build a powerful movement for change and bring the demand for bold action to our leaders in anticipation of the Paris climate talks. We will insist that our public leaders support us in taking action in building a new economy that will avert the worst impacts of the climate crisis. And, we will call out those public leaders, corporations and other organizations that are standing in the way of progress as they deny the science and block the popular alternatives. By acting now we can prevent the worst consequences of global warming. We can build a fair economy that sustains a living environment while promoting good jobs and social & economic justice.” People's Climate Movement
  • 9/30/2015 - From our friends over at the The Pachamama Alliance:  October 2015 Newsletter "Please enjoy this newsletter as we continue our shared work to help create a better world for all.  Please share it with others who might be interested. We would be grateful if you could help us spread the word about the upcoming local symposiums – Oct. 24 at Christ Church and Nov. 14 at the Brighton Library.  See attached flyers for details! Blessings from the Rochester Pachamama community! "
  • 9/30/2015 - ACTION: Even after banning Fracking in New York, is Cuomo still setting the table for more Fracking? Say no to Port Ambrose — the massive liquefied natural gas (LNG) port to be constructed off Long Island. We should be building up the infrastructure for renewable energy that will be our future, not fossil fuels which will take away our future. Governor Cuomo, Veto Port Ambrose Now! Curious what Governor Cuomo will do about fracking? Watch how he handles Port Ambrose. Governor Cuomo may be able to postpone a decision about fracking until after he’s safely re-elected, but sometime in the next couple of months he may be forced to take a stand on Port Ambrose — the massive liquefied natural gas (LNG) port to be constructed off Long Island. We must send a message to Cuomo, who has the authority to stop this proposal: Veto Port Ambrose now! If built, Port Ambrose will be able to handle 400 million cubic feet of gas a day. That’s around three percent of the total production from the Marcellus Shale. If it’s used for exports –we’re almost certain it will be — the port will provide gas companies with easy access to lucrative foreign markets — and a powerful incentive to break the stalemate in New York and open the state to fracking. New Yorkers Against Fracking
  • 9/30/2015 - Fossil fuel industry doesn’t have your back, they have your future. They’ve known that for a long time. Watch this short video from Frontline: Exxon Researched Climate Change in 1977 | FRONTLINE “Published on Sep 16, 2015 A short FRONTLINE film about Exxon's early research into climate change produced in collaboration with InsideClimate News.”
  • 9/30/2015 - Sea level rise due to Climate Change and melting glaciers on Antarctica, it’s complicated, it’s inevitable, and we need to plan. We are going to have to deal with the consequences of Climate Change we’ve already unleashed—even if we dramatically slow down our use of fossil fuels right now. Scientists declare an ‘urgent’ mission – study West Antarctica, and fast Scientists who have been raising alarms about the endangered ice sheet of West Antarctica say they’ve identified a key glacier that could pose the single most immediate threat to the world’s coastlines — and are pushing for an urgent new effort to study it. The glacier is not one that most Americans will have even heard of — Thwaites Glacier along the Amundsen Sea. It’s a monstrous body that is bigger than Pennsylvania and has discharged over 100 billion tons of ice each year in recent years. (September 29, 2015) The Washington Post
  • 9/29/2015 - Though framed in our local media as only a job and tax issue, there’s more to landfills than these issues. Landfills--where we throw our waste into great big plastic-lined holes instead of recycling, composting, and reusing--is a much larger concern as we shift to living on a warmer planet. Landfills contribute to Climate Change (read Stop Trashing the Climate) and the dangerous delusion that we can develop waste, instead of using these resources. Ontario County Landfill Faces Possible Closing An Ontario County town could lose almost half of its revenue if the Ontario County Landfill in Seneca closes.     (September 28, 2015) RochesterFirst.com
  • Great conversation with Ms. Sandy Frankel on her election positions, like addressing Climate Change in our region, in the up and coming elections. Few media, other than Connections, have been airing the relationship between Climate Change and our local elections—which is odd because much of the other issues (especially taxes) are a part of how we will adapt to Climate Change in our region. Remember, we should mitigate Climate Change by lowing greenhouse gases, burning less fossil fuels, and moving to a renewable energy grid. But we have absolutely have to adapt to Climate Change local because of public health issues, infrastructure damages due to more heavy flooding, and the challenges coming to our water quality. Our leaders will not only have to help educate the public on the local challenges because of Climate Change, but our leaders will have to lead to protect us from this clear and present danger. To get a better sense of what local issues are involved in Climate Change locally, check out the DEC’s Climate Smart Communities program. This is our future and we should be discussing this during these elections
  • 9/29/2015 -  Important! Don't miss this important event, Bring Friends. Free and open to the public October 27, 2015  1:30PM-6:30PM Nazareth College of Rochester, Otto Shults Community Center, Nazareth College, Hickey Center is pleased to invite you to a Symposium Mini-Chautauqua in Rochester- On a Planet in Peril and Our Moral Responsibility Where: Nazareth College of Rochester, Otto Shults Community Center, Forum When: October 27, 2015  1:30PM-6:30PM Program 1:30 Opening 2:00 - 3:00 Keynote Speakers: Dr. Adam Frank- Professor of Astrophysics 3:00 Abrahamic Traditions on the Environment  Dr. James H. Evans  Rabbi Debbi Till  Dr. Etin Anwer 4:00-4:15 Refreshment Break 4:15-5:15 Indian and Native Traditions on the Environment Dr. V. V. Raman John Pulleyn Peter Jemison 5:15-6:30 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sandra Steingraber- Biologist, author, and cancer survivor. Click here for more information Preview attachment Mini chautauqua in rochester.docx
  • 9/29/2015 - Just in case you missed the “Building an Economy for Climate Stability Candidate Forum 2015” Wednesday, September 16th (which is understandable because only a couple of local media mentioned it coming or covered it when it occurred), here are some photos and highlights of this critical forum before this year’s local elections: Candidate Forum 2015 Recap.
  • 9/29/2015 - Those who still believe humanity is not causing Climate Change are becoming a vanishingly small percent. No more excuses. Study: Most Non-Climate Scientists Agree on Global Warming Too Nearly 92% of biophysical scientists surveyed believe that human activity has contributed to global warming Supporters of policies to address man-made climate change are quick to cite research showing 97% of climate scientists believe that humans are contributing to global warming. Now, new research suggests that consensus extends to scientists in other fields. (September 27, 2015) Time
  • 9/28/2015 - As of yet, we have not seen any local groups putting together a local event for the People’s Climate Movement national day of action October 14th, 2015. Hopefully, soon Rochester will join this ever-growing coalition of organizations demanding world leaders take action to combat climate change. If a group does set up a local  event, please let me know and I’ll get the message out.
  • 9/28/2015 - ACTION: Stop Explosive Oil Trains! Find out if you are in the blast zone and sign the petition. There is a fiftyfold increase in local transport of volatile crude oil trains (which are not and cannot be properly designed to carry this dangerous oil) through our region. Check to see if you are in the blast zone, and Take action and put a stop to this! From our friends over at Mothers Out Front! Really take a moment to find out about this clean and present danger in our community and take action here.
  • 9/28/2015 - One action that came out of our local “Power Through Paris Workshop” on Saturday was a commitment to hold a workshop on how folks in our area can divest from fossil fuels. As I find out more about the program and the dates for these workshops, I’ll let ya’ll know. Check back here or sign up for my weekly newsletter. You’re heard a lot about fossil fuel divestment and why it’s important to free up your investment portfolio from the possible stranded assets of fossil fuel, but do you know how to do it? This up coming workshop will show you how locally. While you’re waiting, read Mckibben’s historic article in Rolling Stone: “Global Warming's Terrifying New Math
  • 9/28/2015 - It would be most tragic if the GOP-led Congress scuttled US efforts for sufficient pledges at the COP21 Paris Climate Conference. The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is a critical component of a successful climate treaty because the developing nations cannot keep up their end of the bargain unless they are compensated for the resources that have been taken from them by the developed nations. The planetary budget for burning fossil fuels, for polluting our air and water, and financial resources for recovering from disasters has been used up by the developed nations. So in order to address Climate Change the world must put right the inequalities caused by the unequal use of our planetary resources. Selfishness by a few powerful entities can dash our ability to have a sustainable environment forever. U.S. climate finance in limbo, risking 'trust gap' before Paris A looming federal budget confrontation and Republican hostility to UN global-warming talks threaten a U.S. down payment into a key climate-aid fund, money considered vital to a climate deal in Paris this December.  (September 26, 2015) Reuters
  • 9/28/2015 - According to the City of Rochester, its “Single Stream Recycling Pilot Program” has been a success and ready to move to the next stage. The City says in letter to the participants: “To date, the average tonnage of recycled material collected has increased 34% as a result of your efforts.” That’s pretty incredible. Presently, for those of us in the program: “Recyclables are placed in the cart, without sorting, and the container is placed at the curb on the customer's normal collection day.” Now, at the next stage, the collections will have a new schedule, an every-other week schedule. This will mean that we will have to make sure we compact cardboard and other stuff because the pickups will be spread over two weeks instead of one. The advantage of this is that it will cost the city less money to pick up less often while still being able to collect as much recyclables as before.  If all goes well during this pilot program, City recycling will expand to include the whole City and mean less containers on our streets, more recyclables recycled, and all costing our government less.
  • 9/27/2015 - This week's RENewsletter has been published RENewsletter September 27, 2015 Each week get all the environmental news, events, actions and comment free.  Click Subscribe
  • 9/26/2015 - ACTION: Consider showing up a Monroe County Legislative meeting and and showing support of banning mircrobeads. 9/30/15 Legislature meeting on Microbead pollution. Read about this here. 
  • 9/25/2015 - Yesterday, missed by local media, over fifty of us marched with police escort from Liberty Pole to the Monroe County legislative building to highlight the Pope’s words on Climate Change in his encyclical and in this USA speeches. Many faith leaders, environmental, labor, and political candidates spoke about the crucial need to address Climate Change locally. Many passages from the encyclical were read aloud to those gathered. Some folks along the route watched as we march and some asked what Climate Change was, and when explained to them, thought that a great big machine was causing Climate Change. A single great big machine is not causing Climate Change. Climate Change is complicated and it would be nice if our local media could explain the complications and connect the dots of the local consequences of Climate Change—and cover events like the march yesterday to show that many local groups feel very much a part of this worldwide crisis. With the local media doing their job, less local folks would be ignorant of Climate Change and how it will affect our community and our future. Sorry, I have no photos of the event, no videos, the press didn’t show up, but we really had a march with over fifty people. Really, we did.
  • 9/25/2015 - Did you miss the pope’s speech in the US Congress? Here’s the whole thing. Pope Francis Address to Joint Meeting of Congress Pope Francis addressed a joint meeting of Congress, the first pontiff in history to address both chambers. He implored members of Congress and the nation to work together to address some of the most urgent problems facing the country and the world, naming some of those challenges as immigration, environmental destruction, the arms trade, poverty, and religious extremism. He said that legislators are “called to defend and preserve the dignity of your fellow citizens in the tireless and demanding pursuit of the common good” and that all citizens have “a mission, a personal and social responsibility.” (SEPTEMBER 24, 2015)  C-SPAN
  • 9/24/2015 - Mostly the pope is 'shaking us out of complacency' on Climate Change, though it remains to be see whether this shake up lasts longer that the pope’s visit. Time Passes. Obama says pope 'shaking us out of complacency' Mustering all the pageantry the White House has to offer, President Barack Obama welcomed Pope Francis to Washington on Wednesday and credited the pontiff for setting a moral example that is "shaking us out of our complacency" with his reminders to care for the poor and the planet. The pope arrived before an adoring crowd of thousands and a nation that seemingly cannot get enough of the humble pontiff who is rejuvenating American Catholicism while giving heartburn to some of its conservatives. (September 23, 2015) WHEC Rochester
  • 9/24/2015 - Dots are connected in our local media with the pope’s visit to the USA and Climate Change. What is our community’s response? Probably silence and little recognition that Climate Change is a local issue too. Pope in D.C., calls for climate action  (September 23, 2015) Daily Messenger
  • 9/24/2015 - Describing the pope’s attempt to address the moral imperative of Climate Change without addressing population control as 'raving nonsense' is a bit strong. The pope is doing a fantastic job waking up the world on the moral need to address Climate Change. And while the church deserves criticism for not addressing the strain from population growth on resources, much of the strain on our resources comes from an uneven consumption from the wealthy nations. A relatively few of humanity’s billions are the ones who create millions of tons of food waste, who chew up our natural resources for corporate dollars, and who threaten our air and water with fossil fuel pollution. Most of the world’s human population is struggling to have what the few have and that will make addressing Climate Change very problematic. This is why baking Climate Justice into Climate Change solutions is so important. Pope's climate push is 'raving nonsense' without population control, says top US scientist  (September 24, 2015) The Guardian
  • 9/24/2015 - It’s interesting that up until now, when all sense and reason has been driven from the climate denier position, that media starts to get touchy about the word ‘doubters’ for those who have muddied the science have held with pride. The sensible thing would be for climate change deniers to do is to give up their position, admit they were wrong, and allow the rest of us with address the worldwide crisis of Climate Change—maybe even help in this moral and physical crisis that jeopardizes our future. Experts Criticize Associated Press For Disavowing Term "Climate Change Denier" Scientists And Journalists Say AP's Stylebook Change Legitimizes Those Who Reject Scientific Fact (September 23, 2015) Media Matters for America
  • 9/24/2015 - Interesting meeting of the minds last evening about this year’s Fast Forward Film Festival (FFFF) in Rochester. Lots of new ideas, trying to get films and reach folks in who weren’t reached last year. This year’s festival programs will happen on April 17 and 18 of 2016. “The FFFF is now accepting 5-minute short films made by you. Grab your friends, tell your story. No entry fee. Numerous cash prizes including three $1,000 awards for most inspiring and compelling films. Submissions due: February 8, 2016.” Find out more at fastforwardroc.org
  • 9/24/2015 - International trade deals must not scuttle our attempts to bring down greenhouse gases. (Barlow: Paris climate change agreement needs to be 'fool-proof') NAFTA and FIPA could derail the COP21 Paris climate change agreement, report claims  (September 23, 2015) National Observer
  • 9/23/2015 - This might be what Pope Francis was referring to in his encyclical “The earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth.” Considering reading one of the most profound environmental tomes of our day:  ENCYCLICAL LETTER LAUDATO SI’ OF THE HOLY FATHER FRANCIS ON CARE FOR OUR COMMON HOME | Surprise! Americans send twice as much trash to landfills as we thought For years, the EPA has relied on estimates to calculate how much trash was heading to landfills every year. Those estimates were made based on what businesses reported indirectly to the government, population data and patterns of consumption. But starting in 2010, the EPA started asking municipal landfills to measure and report exactly how much waste was heading into the dump so that they could make better estimates of methane emissions being released into the atmosphere. A new Yale study of those numbers, which the EPA partially funded, shows that the real amount of trash going into landfills is twice as much as the EPA estimates. (September 22, 2015) Treehugger
  • 9/23/2015 - From our friends over at ColorBrightonGreen.org "Announcing Curb Your Carbon Month Fall Edition   When? Thursday October 1 through Saturday, October 31, 2015.  What? Pledge to take action to reduce your carbon emissions during the month of October by making different choices related to transportation, food, waste, electricity and other areas of your life that impact carbon release.  Keep track of what you do, whether it is something you always do to reduce your carbon emissions, or whether it is something new that you are doing.  Ideas for many ways to reduce your carbon footprint are on our website, and we welcome you to add more carbon cutting ideas by commenting on our Curb Your Carbon Month website posting.   Learn more. Register! Prizes will be awarded to top carbon reducers and randomly to registered participants. If you haven't registered yet, do it now to show your support and commitment to reducing carbon emissions."
  • 9/23/2015 - The U.N.: Paris Climate Summit pledges need a great big boost to make them worthwhile. Just Good is not good enough. U.N.: Paris Climate Summit Pledges Won’t Avoid Warming The greenhouse gas emission cuts being pledged by the world’s nations will fall short of restricting global warming to 2°C, the U.N.’s climate chief and UK government sources have warned. A rise beyond 2°C, the internationally agreed safety limit, may push the climate beyond tipping points and into dangerous instability. The expected pledges are likely to limit temperature rises to about 3°C. (September 20, 2015) Climate Central
  • 9/22/2015 - I know, this will sound stupid, but isn’t Lake Erie near New York State? If so, doesn’t that put the Asian Carp awfully close to us? Have we done enough to stop the very invasive Asian Carp (species as there are several) from getting into the largest fresh water system in the world? Will we say in hindsight that the arrival of this potentially very disruptive species was inevitable? Inevitable because we couldn’t muster the will to stop these fish that might dramatically alter the ecosystems of the Great Lakes? Time Passes. Asian carp pulled from Lake Erie A commercial fisherman pulled a grass carp, a species of the invasive Asian carp, from Lake Erie near Point Pelee yesterday. The fish, which measures almost 98 centimetres in length and weighs over 10 kilograms, was sent to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry for testing. (September 18, 2015) CTV News Winsor
  • 9/22/2015 - In New York State our highest court allowed that cities could ban Fracking; Colorado should follow suit. Then New York State officially banned Fracking on June 29, 2015. Fracking can be stopped. New York State did it. Colorado Supreme Court says it will decide if cities can ban fracking The Colorado Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether cities can ban fracking, stepping into a high-stakes battle over whether local governments can impose tougher oil and gas rules than the state.  (September 21, 2015) Aljazeera America
  • 9/21/2015 - Pope Francis’s visit USA to highlight Climate Change, but will local media cover that part? Or will the local media do everything in their power to blur or go around the message by the pope that our leaders to take action on Climate Change? Time passes. Francis' visit to highlight climate change issue That’s one of the implications of Francis’ extraordinary recent statement about the environment, which firmly blames humans for global warming and laments the impact of technology and capitalism on what the pope calls “sister Earth.” Released shortly before the pope’s U.S. visit, the 184-page document is the most sweeping and high-profile religious declaration about climate change and a call for radical reform in all sectors of society. The pope’s statement, which takes the form of a teaching document called an encyclical, could influence the thinking and habits of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics. But its impact won’t necessarily end there. The encyclical could well affect high-stakes climate talks this December, when 200 countries hope to finalize a treaty to cut pollution linked to climate change. And some experts say Francis’ words could help shift attitudes well beyond his own flock. (September 17, 2015) USA Today
  • 9/21/2015 - Going to be very hard to keep the climate change denial thing going after listening to this interview with local astrophysicist. Connections: Why You Should Pay Attention to NASA's Climate Change Research NASA has sent man to the moon, a rover to Mars, and a probe to Pluto. Their work is often celebrated as heroic, and it requires remarkable precision to pull it off. Why, then, do some Americans view NASA as heroic... except the agency's work on climate change? For some Americans, NASA is suddenly a fraud when they start talking about climate. We'll sit down with an astrophysicist who has had a particularly close-up view of the public conversation on climate change. Adam Frank now writes forNPR's national science blog, and he wants the public to catch up the scientific community. He'll explain why climate science should be celebrated as one of man's great achievements - the kind that just might save our civilization. (September 16, 2015) Connections
  • 9/21/2015 - What are ‘indicators’ of Climate Change and what are they presently indicating? Indicators are observed changes to our environment because of the rise in CO2. Check out what is happening to our life support systems as a result of Climate Change.  “EPA partners with over 40 data contributors from various government agencies, academic institutions, and other organizations to compile and communicate key indicators related to the causes and effects of climate change. The 30 indicators presented here are published in EPA’s Climate Change Indicators in the United States report.” EPA: Climate Change Indicators in the United States
  • 9/19/2015 - Efforts to encourage members of Congress to boycott the pope’s speech are humanity at its worse. It’s not the Pope’s fault that one of the most powerful political parties in the world (not to mention just the USA) has gotten in bed with the fossil fuel industry and has taken a stance against the science of Climate Change and the moral imperative of addressing it. Climate Group Targets Congressman Who's Boycotting The Pope's Speech Six-figure ad buy targets Republican who accused the pope of acting "like a leftist politician." A leading climate group will air a television ad featuring Pope Francis' dire warnings on global warming in the district of a congressman who says he'll boycott the Catholic leader's address to Congress next week. Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) announced Thursday he would boycott the pope's speech because it reportedly will focus on climate change. "If the Pope plans to spend the majority of his time advocating for flawed climate change policies, then I will not attend," Gosar wrote in an op-ed for the conservative websiteTownhall.com. "When the Pope chooses to act and talk like a leftist politician, then he can expect to be treated like one." (September 18, 2015) The Huffington Post
  • Comfort Zone: A documentary exploring climate change in upstate New York” | Is climate change a scientific problem? An engineering problem? A psychological problem? All that, and more? COMFORT ZONE takes an in-depth look at what happens when global climate issues come to our backyards. The specific setting is Upstate New York, but the effects, both subtle and profound, illustrate the kinds of effects that can happen anywhere  We encourage you to screen the film with as many people as possible. Please contact us if you need help setting up or promoting a screening, or would like us to attend. Below are some tools and advice to help you have the most successful screening possible. You can also use this flyer to share information about the film with people who might want to collaborate on a screening.