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 Environmental News Sources for the Rochester area

Holding the Media accountable on Climate Change Of course ‘the media’ is not a single entity, but a bewildering mishmash of local print, digital editions, blogs, social media, and even email lists at the state, national and international levels. 

But despite the vast increase in the way news is being shaped today, many still believe that eventually the Truth will percolate up through this democratization of news.  

But for the public to navigate rapidity in a changing world the news must quickly tend towards an accurate model of reality or, like one of your senses, you’re in trouble. 

It’s why people get eye glasses. How the media has handled the three-decade-old issue of human-caused Climate Change is like (using the eye-glasses analogy) wearing an old set of glasses even though your eyes are aging. You’re going to bump into things. (January 2013)     more...


The media should have only one agenda on our environment: Sustainability. 

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Global Environmental News

 Global Environmental News Get environmental news from around the world.  The Internet is especially handy at providing environmental news from major environmental news sources, from major media with environmental sections, from government, about businesses turning green, getting environmental news from multimedia sources and blogs where you can interact with others about our environment. 


Consider joining this Google+ Community to discuss and track efforts for individuals and environmental groups to Become The Media.

Mainstream media is failing the public on important issues like Climate Change and connecting the dots, especially at the local level. The new media, while innovative and gaining many listeners, is not breaking out of traditional silos and reaching the majority. What media will be the new Walter Cronkite? Got ideas on how individuals and groups concerned about Climate Change can stovepipe their ideas to where the public attention can be reached?  Come here: Become The Media


Media Discussions

I believe the reason why the public doesn't get the primacy of environmental issues is because of our dysfunctional media.  Constant attention to how environmental matters are treated in mainstream media is a must. Each essay below links to an article on my blog: Environmental Thoughts | Also, my all essays on the Media are listed here.

*Major site on journalism and Climate Change The Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media "“Improve public understanding of climate change.” The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media provides original reporting, commentary, and analysis on climate change — one of the most important and challenging issues of our time. Edited by veteran environmental journalist and journalism educator Bud Ward, our online publication engages a dynamic global community of journalists, scientists, educators, and communicators. We strive to improve understanding of, and nurture better communication on, climate change … for the benefit of the public in arriving at sound individual and public policy actions. "


GrowWNYGrowWNY is a hyperlocal source of information about living green--powered by more than 150 organizations collaborating for our regional environment and YOU. This site is for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, cares about the environment and wants to know the best places to go and things to do to eat, live, work and play greener. GrowWNY is a project of the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, and is made possible through grants from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the New York State Department of State Division of Coastal Resources.


Re-ENERGIZE Buffalo "All things GREEN: Energy, Environment, and Economy *Grow Clean Energy *Cut Pollution *Protect Health *Create Jobs'"  - Coming out of Buffalo, this is a wonderful resource for information and events for Western New York. Sign up for their emails, this is a terrific resource.

Green News for the Rochester area online

What we'd like to see is each media in Rochester (and everywhere for that matter) devote a major section of their news to serious environmental news each day backed by professional environmental reporters.  These media around the world have a major section of their media devoted to news on our environment: Media with major sections on Environment.


FLI Happenings The FLI Happenings newsletter is a monthly publication with FLI staff and guest authors contributing articles relating to environmental topics and issues of concern for the Finger Lakes region.

Themed issues have included such topics as alternative energy, green jobs, environmental education, climate change, Marcellus Shale, environmental stewardship, green infrastructure and more.

To offer a regional perspective, each month the Finger Lakes Regional Watershed Alliance contributes an article featuring their individual lake members and accomplishments.  Read the current issue



Newspapers online in the Rochester Area

We encourage all Rochester area media to have a major section on their media for our environment. Only when we have aggressive and accurate reporting on the state of our environment can we know what to do.

Rochester-area Television & Radio Stations Online

Local Television and Radio are almost useless in finding in-depth local environmental news coverage.  This needs to be changed, as it's the primary way most people get their news--which is why most people don't get the importance of our environmental issues.


Environmental Health News: " is published daily by Environmental Health Sciences, a foundation-funded journalism organization founded in 2002. Our daily e-letter, Above The Fold, is available for free. The mission of Environmental Health News is to advance the public’s understanding of environmental health issues by publishing its own journalism and providing access to worldwide news about a variety of subjects related to the health of humans, wildlife and ecosystems. "


RTKNetRTKNet: The Right-to-Know Network | The Right-to-Know Network  The website serves as a source for information about environmental and public health threats and opportunities for public engagement with environmental policy, and it offers news, data, and analysis of environmental right-to-know issues. -- OMB Watch Unveils Redesigned, Expanded Environmental Right-to-Know Website WASHINGTON, May 5, 2009—OMB Watch today launched a redesigned and expanded website for the Right-to-Know Network (RTK NET) - OMB Watch | Promoting open government, accountability, and citizen participation since 1983

State, City, County and Federal Agencies that Provide Rochester News

One of the recent changes in environmental news reporting is that our official public institutions are putting out more and many times better information to the public as to what is going on in our local environment than mainstream media.  And, these are primary news sources.


Investigative Post is a non-profit investigative reporting center focused on issues of importance to Buffalo and Western New York. Investigative Post has a dual mission: Promote a just and well-governed community and a healthy environment and economy by providing citizens with high-quality investigative reporting and analysis. Areas of concentration will include government and politics, the economy and economic development,  the environment, and issues related to poverty and other economic hardship. Develop young journalists, particularly those of color, through partnerships with local colleges and universities and by providing internships, apprenticeships and other opportunities to students and recent graduates wanting to learn the craft of investigative reporting. Investigative Post publishes on its website,, and has partnerships with WGRZ, the NBC affiliate for the Buffalo market; Artvoice, Western New York’s alternative newsweekly; and WBFO, 88.7 FM, the NPR station for the region.

Local College Newspapers Online

Our area colleges are doing more and more articles on our local environment.

Save The Internet

Our environment, Net Neutrality, and us idiots  

Save the InternetWhether or not you have been following the Net Neutrality issue, this raging controversy could have a profound effect on your life.  The state of the free, unfettered environmental information network that the Internet has delivered to the public for the past decade might be in jeopardy if Net Neutrality is compromised by a new ruling by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Congress. Here’s the situation: “In recent weeks, top officials from the Federal Communications Commission have held closed-door meetings to negotiate with the country’s biggest communications companies and online service providers on how the Internet should be regulated.” –8/05/2010 “The Net Neutrality Spat ExplainedProPublica  

I don’t mean to imply that the Internet is a rigorous medium or that environmentalism on the net hasn’t been messy.  It has.  Everyone with a computer and Internet connection has been able to write a report, give an opinion, argue a position, investigate a story, and respond to every little fact or observation about our environment since the Internet went public.  No posted thought seems to have been denied access (in the US anyway).  That is a good thing, though it would be more helpful if more reason and less hysterics pervaded this world-wide conversation.   more...


Rochester-area News directories

Places that list Rochester area news articles.


Local Town Government News online

Many area township post their own news, which provides a primary source for environmental stories

Nearby Local News Sources

Because environmental news many times involves the whole region, it's useful to check other community's online news services. If you are a subscriber, and even if you are not, please contact these media and ask them to have a permanent (daily) section on our local environment and devote time to thorough investigation (preemptive) so that we know what's going on.  We don't want to know what a media's agenda is, we want to know the state of our environment. 

News Sources for the Great Lakes

Here are news links specifically for news pertaining to environmental issues relating to any and all of the Great Lakes.


Public News Service Public News Service "The Public News Service (PNS) provides reporting on a wide range of social, community, and environmental issues for mainstream and alternative media that amplifies progressive voices, is easy to use and has a proven track record of success. Supported by over 400 nonprofit organizations and other contributors, PNS provides high-quality news on public issues and current affairs. "  

Public News Service



News and info from local and statewide Environmental groups and Universities

Some of the best sources for local environmental and state wide groups who report on what they've observed or actions they have taken--many actions of which are ignored by local media.


Searchable news sources for Rochester area environmental news

Use these online news directories to search for Rochester area environment news stories

Blogs Related to Rochester's Environment (Get involved online)

Although not professional or official sources for environmental news, many of these site offer insights you would not get more mainstream media and they all allow for online interaction--so you can be part of the dialogue on our environment.

Online Newsletters of Rochester -area Environmentalists

Our Rochester area Environmentalist produce some very good environmental articles useful for reporting on the state of our environment.

Environmental Podcasts M11o9rn1.gif (132 bytes)

Some of the best ways to stay abreast of environmental news is by podcasting.

Media Resources for change

There isn’t much in the way of independent and investigative news that we need to assess our environment.  Find out how that can change by checking these sites.