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RochesterEnvironment.com has existed for over ten years and is updated daily.  Over the years I have received many requests from visitors, mostly on how to find specific information. 

This pages hopes to list the most common types of question and provide and answer. 

If you are seeking an answer to a specific environmental question related to our area's environment, please go to Questions where I list many of these type of questions. 


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The Questions:

  1. Question #1:What is RochesterEvironment.com's policy for  businesses that desire to link up with RochesterEnvironment.com?
  2. Question #2. What is the point of view of RochesterEnvironment.com?
  3. Question #3. I'm trying to find a specific business where I can recycle or get solar panels, etc.
  4. Question #4. There are a lot of broken hyperlinks, links that do not work.  What's up with that?
  5. Question # 5. There's over ten years of material on this site, and though you are organizing it as well as possible, what other methods can I use to find something on Rochester, NY area's environment?
  6. Question # 6. Who is responsible for this site?
  7. Question #7. I got a great idea for a story to run on RochesterEnvironment.com, how do I get it published?
  8. Question #8. I want to learn more about environmental matter overall and wonder.  Do you have a place on your web for those wanting to more about getting an environmental education?
  9. Question #9. In the light of full disclosure is RochesterEnvironment.com associated with, or endorsing products for any other organizations.


The Answers:

  1. Answer #1: Businesses please note that this is a non-profit online site that has no resources to vet the merits of any one company.  I respectfully suggest that you contact the Center of Environmental Information's (CEI) Upstate Green Business Network (UGBN) which works with Rochester-area business interested in become more environmentally friendly.
  2. Answer #2. The point of view of RochesterEnvironment.com is from the perspective of sustainability, our ability to survive long term on this planet.  As much as possible, I have tried to create an online media and resource for one location entirely focused on that part of our species which is concerned about the health of the planet we live on--as opposed to political, parochial, economical, or any other point of view. 
  3. Answer #3. Because I do not have the resources to vet individual companies, I do not refer visitors to business to receive various services. And, I don't want to use this site as a vehicle for advertisements.  My goal is to convince the public that their main focus at this point in time should be our environment, which is in serious trouble.  I provide links to sites, governmental and non-government, that do help people get environmentally healthy products and services.  However, I do list local Recycling Directories on my Recycling page.
  4. Answer #4. It's true this site has a lot of broken hyperlinks and some I can fix some I cannot.  As this site is undergoing a massive uplift, many of the pages have broken links to resources that no longer exist on the Internet.  I'm trying to get all my pages updated so that all the resources are current.  Mostly, the resources on the new template (like this page) the resources work.  However, there a hundreds if not thousands of old NewsLinks that no longer work because many news sources do not keep their articles on forever.  My reason for keeping the links is to create a searchable archive where article can be found by contacting the news source, with the articles title, date, and source. 
  5. Answer #5. The Google search engine on the front page and elsewhere is one of the quickest ways to find old articles and resources for a site that has been around so long.
  6. Answer #6. RocEarth did a short profile of me in their section, check it out: democratandchronicle.com | Rochester RocEarth - Green People | Democrat and Chronicle If you've been searching for information about local green living, consider beginning (and ending) your search online. RochesterEnvironment.com contains a wealth of local and regional resources, including environmental clubs, events, green businesses, links to other eco-friendly Web sites and a weekly newsletter.
  7. Answer #7 If you have an environmental story that pertains to the Rochester, NY area and comes from a credible online source, please send it to me FrankRegan@RochesterEnvironment.com.  If it's a story that cannot be verified by the local media, then please contact them and encourage our local media to do a professional job on vetting important information we need to know. 
  8. Answer #8. We've just start an Environmental Education page and it's filling quickly with NewsLinks, resources, and information.  Check the information on this page and keep checking back because there's lots coming.
  9. Answer #9. Full Disclosure:  Though the activities below are not related in anyway shape or form to RochesterEnvironment.com, I am volunteering my efforts to various environmental groups and activities: Webmaster of the Rochester Regional Group of the Sierra Club http://newyork.sierraclub.org/rochester/  and webmaster of my neighborhood’s website: The Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association (UMNA) http://www.uppermonroeavenue.org/ . I am also a volunteer grant writer for the CEI: Center for Environmental Information and chairperson for the CEI’s Rochester Sustainable Transportation Working Group.  Also, I have been chairperson, conservation chairperson, communications chairperson and presently zero waste chairperson and transportation chairperson of the Rochester Regional Group of the Sierra Club.