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Conesus Lake is one of Western New York's smaller Finger Lakes. Conesus Lake snapshot - Length: 7.8 miles. - Average width: .66 of a mile. - Average Depth: 37.7 feet. (More than 90 percent of the lake is less than 45 feet deep.) - Maximum Depth: 66.3 feet. - Shoreline Length: 18.4 miles. - Web site: For more information on Conesus Lake and its watershed report: from Democrat and Chronicle 11/11/02


Conesus Lake NewsLinks

It's important to monitor the health of our Finger Lakes, which is a part of our regions environmental health.



  • Blue-green algae returns to Finger Lakeville, N.Y. - The department of Environmental Health is issuing a blue-green algae bloom health advisory near a part of Conesus Lake after a bloom was recently spotted. The areas affected are clearly marked by signs posted. "We're out there looking for them, letting people know when we see them," said Mark Grovanz, Livingston County's Director of Environmental Health. "We saw a bloom about two weeks ago in a channel, it dissipated pretty quickly, but we are monitoring conditions." (August 3, 2015) WHAM [more on Conesus Lake in our area]


  • Public meeting will focus on water quality of Conesus and Honeoye lakes Ways to improve the water quality of Conesus and Honeoye lakes will be the topic of a public meeting Monday, Dec. 15, at the Livonia High School cafeteria.  Ways to improve the water quality of Conesus and Honeoye lakes will be the topic of a public meeting Monday, Dec. 15, at the Livonia High School cafeteria, 40 Spring St. Livonia, 2 Bulldog Blvd. The meeting hosted by the state Department of Environmental Conservation will go from 7-9 p.m. (December 2, 2014) Daily Messenger [more on Water Quality, Honeoye Lake and Conesus Lake in our area]
  • Blue-green algae on Conesus Lake Livingston County, N.Y. – The Health Department says blue-green algae blooms are prevalent in Conesus Lake, especially in the northern end of the Lake. “We’re trying to be optimistic for the holiday weekend,” said Mark Grovanz, Environmental Health Director. “We’re doing everything we can to clear it but we’re dealing with Mother Nature here so there’s only so much we can do.” (August 28, 2014) WHAM Rochester [more on Conesus Lake in our area]
  • Dangerous algae blooms found in part of Conesus Lake The Livingston County Health Department is warning people who are planning on spending time along Conesus Lake about blue-green algae. (August 20, 2014) WHEC [more on Water Quality and Conesus Lake in our area]


  • Geneseo Town Board discusses algae on Lake GENESEO — Recent concern over blue-green algae in Conesus Lake became a topic of discussion at the special Geneseo Town Board meeting that was held at Long Point Park on Thursday. Blue-green algae is a naturally occurring part of the Conesus Lake ecosystem, though when found in high concentration, these tiny, floating organisms may pose a risk to lake residents. Cathy Higgins, inspector for the Conesus Lake Watershed, refers to these highly concentrated clouds of algae as "blooms." Blooms usually form in warm, shallow waters and have often been linked with drastic weather patterns. They tend to gather along the shoreline, particularly on the east side of Conesus, though sightings have been reported in areas all over the lake. Due to the sometimes-toxic nature of the blooms, the Conesus Lake Watershed Council strives to increase community awareness about the problem. (August 9, 2013) Genesee Sun [more on Water Quality and Conesus Lake in our area]


  • Neighbors work to keep the yuck out of Conesus - Project cuts fertilizer runoff that feeds algae — LAKEVILLE — You can't fight physics. The rain that falls atop hills surrounding Conesus Lake will flow down, rushing over the rich soils of cornfields and rolling by placid cows. It will find paths through manure piles and across chemically enhanced lawns. When it reaches the lake, delivering a nutrient-saturated jolt, it will feed the growths of algae that threaten the lake's health. (February 2, 2006) Democrat and Chronicle




  •  Democrat & Chronicle: Conesus Lake towns looking at soil erosion— Treatment plants make the water in Conesus Lake fit to drink. But Livingston County officials and residents are working to pinpoint ways to make the lake even cleaner so it’s fit to play in and be around. Weeds and algae flourish there, along with E. coli bacteria and zebra mussels -- contributing factors to the lake’s murkiness.  (November 11, 2002) Democrat and Chronicle
  • Democrat & Chronicle: Conesus group seeks herbicide permit — The Conesus Lake Association has distributed handbooks on how to control weed growth in the lake and wants to spray herbicides for the first time in hopes of killing weeds near shores and docks. Both initiatives are aimed at tackling a pesky problem that has invaded the closest of the Finger Lakes to Rochester. The weeds along the scenic shoreline during summer create noxious smells, murky water and nuisances for boaters, swimmers and fishermen. (April 28, 2002)
  • Democrat & Chronicle: Conesus Lake pollution causes concern Residents and Livingston County officials are discussing ways to remedy pollution that has plagued Conesus Lake, considering such solutions as using machines to cut weeds, extending sewer lines and improving stream banks. (April 17, 2002)
  • Democrat & Chronicle: Fuel leaks into Conesus Lake — LIVONIA -- Diesel fuel leaked into Conesus Lake on Sunday night after a spill from a tractor trailer, the Livingston County Sheriff's Department said. About 30 gallons of fuel spilled on Camp Run Drive at about 8:45 p.m. from a parked truck's gas tank, police said. Lakeville Fire Department and the Livingston County Haz-Mat Response Unit responded to the spill.  (April 15, 2002)





Resources for Conesus Lake

If you live near Conesus Lake perhaps one of these resources can be a way for you to become involved with your lake's health.