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The mission and goal of are defined here: About.  This site does not pander to the public, business, or government, nor even NGO's on our environmental issues. Our basic right and responsibility is an environment that allows us to thrive and our future generations to flourish.  At present, we are not living sustainably.  At present, almost everyone is saying that there are most important concerns than our is saying that if your environment is not healthy, then nothing else will mater.  Not even an illusion, delusion, or belief can be sustained in an environment that fails. 

RochesterEnvironment.comWe try to present our environment from the point of sustainability for humanity by describing daily the environmental threads of one specific community. 

Most other websites, newspapers, and especially mainstream media have an agenda to get money from you, to push an ideology, a product, an illusion that all is going well, or badly, or something besides what we should be focusing on--our environment, that which we need to survive.  

Anyway, if you think it's a good idea that everyone get a steady diet of information that is focused on all the environmental information of one region, then please consider some of the ways to promote below.  Thanks. 


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Top Ten Things You Can Do for Rochester’s Environment

Sure there are lots of top ten lists around.  So why not one on the things you can do for your local environment—that system that keeps us alive and thriving?  But, this list is different from the usual stuff.  It’s not one of those really easy, warm and fuzzy lists of fun activities you can do in your spare time.  It’ll be transformative.

This list assumes you are ready to take responsibility (as a member of the only species capable of doing so) for your presence at this critical time in our planet’s history.  And, it isn’t about just your personal fulfillment thing—our environment isn’t politics, religion, a fad, or a cause; it’s science all the way down. Pollute the planet, stuff happens.  Finally, in order for the effects of this list to be effective a lot (I mean billions) of humans need to do them too.  In the deepest practical sense, everything you do (where you live, what you eat, what you buy, what you throw away) matters to our environment. Ready folks, here we go:     


  1. Be engaged with the issues surrounding our local environment by monitoring the media, books, reports, and the Internet using the laws of Nature as your guide to monitor how our lifestyle is affecting our environment.
  2. When you consume anything--food, water, cars, gadgets, whatever—do so as though you were demonstrating how to consume for the rest of the world—considering the lifecycle of the products you buy, how they are made, how they are used, and how you get rid of them.
  3. When you have someplace to go, consider all your options in order of their affect on our environment: walking, biking, car-pooling, mass transit, and lastly a personal vehicle. 
  4. Conserve energy until we find a non-polluting, renewable energy source.
  5. Vote. If you’re doing good for our environment and your representative in government doesn’t get it, you’re just making yourself feel good without much effect.
  6. Recycle, reuse and encourage your local government to create a place where recycling just about everything is the norm.
  7. Think twice before using toxic chemicals that make your yard look like a golf course and your house like a hospital.
  8. Consider other species (plants and animals) and their role in sustaining our environment.  Some are annoying and critical.  Some are cute and a burden.
  9. Adopt green business practices: your business will save our environment and be able to compete with the rest of the world.
  10. Communicate your concerns about the state of our environment to everyone. Sustainability isn’t going to work unless everyone gets on board quickly. 



The mission of is give a complete online snapshot of one community and all the environmental information online that can be obtained for this Northeast city and archive it so that (as environmental problems go) when someone is ready to tackle an environmental issue that information will be retrievable.  This site is vast and has many features that link it to all environmental recourses that could conceivable influence Rochester.  I’ve tried to make it easy to search this site for information, while at the same time display to those not familiar with our environmental issues the full range of possible online information necessary to sustain our environment.  The Internet, I believe, is especially suited to learning about and sharing critical information about how to keep our environment healthy and has been active since 1998 doing just that.   

Goal: My goal is to get the public, politicians, and scientists to view our present day environmental situation in a new way: If you think that it is obvious that our environment is in trouble and you are not doing anything about it –You Don’t Get It! is my attempt to demonstrate by the example of one specific community that environmental issues at this point in time are extraordinary.  That is to say, that I believe that there is no other time in man’s history where the simultaneous compromises to our environment (where man needs to survive) have occurred before and thus no model for us to use to get our environment back to a healthy balance.  My position is explained in detail in my companion book to this site: We Don’t Get It!  I am not trying to make money on this book; in fact you can go directly to (the book’s publisher) and read all of the contents on line.   I had no control over the price of purchasing the book ($16.95), I merely wanted to put my views in a context that were easily assessable by anyone.  Also the goals of are specific:

  • To increase independent and objective studies of our environment to find out the affect of industrial pollution, sprawl, invasive species and other assaults that would affect our environment.
  • To keep the Rochester-area continually informed of events that would affect their environment and explain why. 
  • To gather all information pertaining our our Rochester-area environment as provided by the Internet so as to inform and to allow visitor's to communicate directly with the sources of governmental branches, studies, reports, etc.