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[12/27/08 – 1/04/09]


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Opening Salvo: The RENewsletter is renewing (after a short hiatus since June 2008) as a much leaner weekly edition.  Trying to get out monthly coverage of all NewsLinks, events, actions, updates, ‘Site of the month”, etc. proved to be too much. So I’ve decided on a format that will allow me to send out a newsletter each week quickly and easily, instead of a newspaper like-format each month.  This new format is designed to be skimmed quickly and to load quickly—as it has no images.  Also,, the web site, is under-going radical changes to update software and make it leaner and easier to find things.


We are in an extraordinary time where the environment, the media, and the economy are undergoing a monumental change—world-wide and at the local level.  RENewsletter attempts to zero in on a single locality—Rochester, NY—to keep you updated on all environmental changes here and connect the dots. 


With everything else going on that grabs our attention, it’s often difficult to stay focused on what I believe is the most important issue of our times: the state of our environment.  Though, our environment is not exclusively an issue, a passion, a political football, or a personal interest (though it tends to be all of these).  Our environment is Where We Live: If our environment is not sustainable, then “anything else we want to do is not going to happen.” (Carl Sagan).  


If you don’t want to receive a weekly (every Sunday) newsletter, instructions on how to unsubscribe will be at the bottom of each newsletter. But, I hope you’ll stay on as things on our environment and the media are changing quickly.  (Click on my email for feedback)




NewsLinksEnvironmental NewsLinks – [Highlights of major environmental stories concerning our area from the past week]


D&C Will Increase Investigative Reporting - Wind Turbines @ Naples - NYS Environmental Programs Cut? - Recycling Christmas Trees - Private Lands Made Public - Genesee River Update - Wind Power at School - Carbon Dioxide Pollution Allowance - NYS Budget Cuts on Environment - Zebra Mussel Update - Area Bird Count Figures - Penfield Group Presses Green - Acid Rain Never Went Away - Organic Milk For Rochester - Renaissance Square Update - Global Warming Ohio - Drilling for Gas in NYS - Victor Groundwater Issue Update - The Second Carbon Auction




UpdatesDaily Updates – [Connecting the dots on Rochester’s environment. Find out what’s going on environmentally in our area—and why you should care? Clicking on -DISCUSSION – will take you to my blog “Environmental Thoughts, NY, where you can add your comments.]




EventsRochester Environmental Events Calendar – [The most complete listing of all environmental events around the Rochester, New York area.]




ActionTake Action - Often, I receive request to pass on alerts, petitions, Public Comments on local developments, and environmental items needing action by the Rochester Community and around the world.



AwardEnvironmental Site of the Month Award – [Each month, included in the RENewsletter goes out an environmental award for the best Rochester-area environmental web site or blog that best helps promote the need to protect and offers solutions to our area's environmental issues.]