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Opening Salvo:  You're Not Going to See Anything


Early in the Climate Change debates even scientists conceded that we wouldn’t see much of the effects of it in our lifetimes. So, they labored under impression that one of the ironies of catastrophic weather change is that, though there would be adequate evidence for the professional scientist, the public just wouldn’t see anything.  In the water and air systems so incredible large and complex as the ones on our planet, it would take (lag) time for the warming forces to counteract the cooling forces and the other yearly weather patterns (El Niño and La Niña) to tease out the over-riding evidence of global warming. 


Another, and given human history, perhaps an even greater hurdle for getting the public to see the gradual rise in climate patterns is the persistent penchant for our species not to see what does not match our preconceptions. Most actions (true or not) by our enemies are interpreted by us as bad and vice-versa. Mark Twain used to say, “If it is a Miracle, any sort of evidence will answer, but if it is a Fact, proof is necessary.”


And, proof to the satisfaction of the majority of the scientist on this planet falls on the side of the evidence that the planet is warming up. But, increasingly, that proof appears not to be simply buried in the minutiae of vigorous testing that shrouds most scientists’ professional lives.  It is clear and present. And, there will be consequences. 


If you don’t see it, perhaps it’s because you don’t want to see it.  Or, maybe it’s because the media you choose to view does not choose to focus on the most important issue of our time—that we are driving the planet’s climate to a point that is not sustainable for us.


Whatever the reason, copping a ‘tude’ against the growing evidence towards rapid climate change won’t stop it.  Odds are, you personally are going to see and be affected adversely by the change—not just your children or grandchildren. Acknowledging the evidence and supporting the best ideas to combat anthropogenic climate change might slow it down.   


Here are some recent (very recent) articles by some responsible media about climate change that will affect us in Rochester, New York from surrounding media sources.  If you haven’t heard them, consider changing your media. That’s how change occurs.





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