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Opening Salvo:  “Rochester’s Bicycle Master Plan steps up to the plate on our environment”


Monday (12/13/2010) evening’s Bicycle Master Plan talk by the City of Rochester was part of a comprehensive outreach plan to involve our community in bicycling as transportation.  With our environment greatly affected by how we get around, especially by greenhouse gas emitting vehicles, this matter warrants your attention—whether you bicycle or not.   Check out what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says on the relationship between transportation and greenhouse gases:


“Transportation sources emit greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. In 2008, transportation sources contributed approximately 27 percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Transportation is also the fastest-growing source of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 47 percent of the net increase in total U.S. emissions since 1990, and is the largest end-use source of C02, which is the most prevalent greenhouse gas.


Because transportation contributes to 27% of the manmade greenhouse gases, this matter needs to be addressed by not only transportation officials and bicycling groups, but environmental groups, social justice groups, public health advocates, consumers, the business community, the religious community—everyone who cares about having a future.  It’s that serious.


NASA: Hottest November on record, 2010 likely hottest year on record globally — despite deepest solar minimum in a century « Climate Progress “ In U.S., heat records far exceed cold for 9th consecutive month NASA released its monthly global temperature data, revealing November was easily the hottest in the temperature record.  The “meteorological year” — December to November — was also the hottest on record.  Calendar year 2010 appears poised to be the hottest on record. These records are especially impressive because we’re in the middle of a strong La Nińa, which would normally cool off temperatures for a few months (relatively speaking), and we’ve been in “the deepest solar minimum in nearly a century.”  It’s just hard to stop the march of manmade global warming, other than by sharply reducing greenhouse gas emissions, that is. (December 10, 2010) Climate Progress


Why bicycles?  Bicycles don’t emit greenhouse gases; they promote public health; they encourage a less hectic and safer community.  For short distances, using your bicycle can get you where you need to go--if there is a safe and well-designed bicycle infrastructure in your community, that is.  Reworking our transportation routes so that they easily accommodate bicyclists is much cheaper than developing more roads, more bridges, installing a subway, or a number of other options.  That’s why it is so important that the city’s bicycle plan be as comprehensive as it is. 


City of Rochester | Bicycle Master Plan Project  “The City is developing a long-term master plan for bicycling infrastructure and services. Sprinkle Consulting (with SRF & Associates and EDR as subconsultants) was selected through a request for proposal process and is on board to produce a plan that will: identify best practices for bicycling infrastructure and services,  assess their feasibility for local application,  identify appropriate locations for bicycle facilities,  and recommend bicycle-supportive policies.  While the plan will provide conceptual design and inventory work with respect to on-street bike lanes, it will also consider shared lane markings (sharrows), bicycle boulevards, bicycle parking, commuter facilities (e.g. showers, lockers), bicycle sharing, and more.  While the City of Rochester and Monroe County received an "honorable mention" from the League of American Bicyclists' "Bicycle Friendly Communities" program in 2009, the goal is to achieve full "Bicycle Friendly Community" status from the group.”


Bicycling in the streets is your right and it’s the law.  And while it will take time for Rochester, NY to reach the giddy heights that bicycling in Boulder, Co.  and Copenhagen have, increasing bicycle usage and decreasing greenhouse gas emitting vehicles can happen in our region.  It takes communication, education, and a realization that Climate Change is a problem that gnaws at the core of all our environmental issues  (Click on my email for feedback)




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