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Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water. Don't sit this one out. Do something. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet. -- Carl Sagan


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Opening Salvo:  “Holiday thoughts on Rochester’s environment”


This year’s holiday season comes just after the dismal Climate Change talks in Cancun, Mexico.  Mostly, they agreed to keep talking but no enforceable rules.  Get one of the many summaries of the talks here:


Report from the Cancún Climate Conference | Union of Concerned Scientists "Modest success, but not enough to save the planet | In the wake of last year’s disappointing U.N. climate conference in Copenhagen, some began to question the process and whether the 193-nation talks were the proper forum to produce a viable international climate agreement.” UCS | Union of Concerned Scientists


Jobs and buying stuff and being cheery rule this holiday season--despite the growing realization that only a few (the rich) are going to survive this recession well and the rest of us… not so much.  We like our news served hopeful and happily.  The possibility that we too have a chance (which is becoming vanishingly remote) to be wildly rich keeps us from focusing on the needs of the majority and our environment.  The lottery called the “American Dream” is being challenged by reality.


But we should focus on our environment.  It may be dismal stuff to those who think it’s just a left-wing conspiracy, but things will get nasty if we don’t address Climate Change.  (Maybe, we can hold the Climate Change deniers, who stall effective actions on Climate Change, accountable.) Here’s a discussion between Dr. James Hansen and Bill McKibben on the perils of Climate Change.  What does Climate Change look like and what are we facing now and in the near future?  Read a transcript of a conversation between the most influential people on Climate Change:


"From the Desk of Dr. James E. Hansen   Conversation with Bill McKibben   The paperback version of Storms of My Grandchildren: The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity includes, as an added section, a conversation between Bill McKibben and me".


While you are at it, read this great encapsulation of the Climate Change issue.  If I could convince anyone to read just one short article (10 minutes) about Climate Change, it would be this.  It puts the case before us in the clearest way that our generation should be focused on Climate Change.


A Scientist, His Work and a Climate Reckoning - "Yet, five years after Dr. Keeling’s death, his discovery is a focus not of celebration but of conflict. It has become the touchstone of a worldwide political debate over global warming. When Dr. Keeling, as a young researcher, became the first person in the world to develop an accurate technique for measuring carbon dioxide in the air, the amount he discovered was 310 parts per million. That means every million pints of air, for example, contained 310 pints of carbon dioxide. " The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia


What will all this mean to Rochester, NY’s environment?  It means that however successful the media is in marginalizing the most critical issue of our times, when runaway global warming is cheating the young out of a future, Climate Change will change our lives here too.  Climate Change, where our environment even in Rochester, NY, is going to be constantly shifting as our atmosphere warms up, making it very difficult to preserve and protect our environment.   A prudent citizen would begin thinking Climate Change when they vote, when they buy stuff, and just about everything they do because this isn’t your grand grandparent’s environment.  (Click on my email for feedback)




NewsLinksEnvironmental NewsLinks – [Highlights of major environmental stories concerning our area from the past week]


·         Buffalo brownfields link past industry to future hope | Great Lakes Echo 

·         Climate change causing more snow, not less - Goderich Signal-Star - Ontario, CA 

·         DEC Applauds EPA'S Announcement of A New Rulemaking Process for Greenhouse Gas Emissions - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation 

·         RIT to track environmental changes over 30 years | Rochester Business Journal New York business news and information 

·         Landfill proposal broaches sewage plant 

·         Great Lakes cities recycle brownfields into economic hope | Great Lakes Echo 

·         Watertown Daily Times | Paterson nixes power deal 

·         Lake Erie Power Plant Targeted in Fish Kill Case  

·         Black bear found on RIT campus killed by car in Steuben County - Henrietta, NY - Henrietta Post

·         Environmental Board Approves Regulation for New Outdoor Wood Boilers Sold in New York State - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

·         ENVIRONMENT: Genesee Land Trust focuses on rural, urban open space - News Articles - Rochester City Newspaper

·         Quebec study of potential shale gas pollution needs broader mandate: Cirque founder 

·         DEC alters ban on wood burning boilers - Utica, NY - The Observer-Dispatch, Utica, New York

·         SUNY New Paltz, Dutchess County suffer solar energy setbacks -

·         Governor Paterson Approves Hydropower Contract Extensions with More Than 100 Western New York Companies

·         Watertown Daily Times | Seaway shipping of generators delayed

·         Executive Order Suspending Fracking Brings Little Change - ProPublica

·         Supervisors pass ban on hydrofracking in Ontario County - Canandaigua, NY - MPNnow

·         EPA: More than twice as many PCBs in Hudson River than originally thought -

·         Study: Some Cities Have Tainted Water - YNN, Your News Now

·         Black Bears are Thriving in New York.

·         Farm bureau, state face off over boilers - Canandaigua, NY - MPNnow

·         Study investigates water quality of Genesee River | | Democrat and Chronicle



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AwardEnvironmental Site of the Month Award – [On the last Sunday of each month, we present an environmental award for the Rochester-area environmental web site or blog that best promotes the need to protect and offers solutions for our area's environmental issues.]


The December 2010 Environmental Site of the Month Award goes to Center for Sustainable Living :: Genesee Valley / Finger Lakes Region. This organization provides an incredible array of programs and events built around our area’s particular environment. Read their latest Workshop booklet to get the full picture of all they do.   If you have graduated from the position where you recognize how all our actions, what we buy, what we eat, etc., affect our local environment, then go forward and connect with the Center of Sustainable Living to learn how to actually accomplish sustainability in our area.


Center for Sustainable Living :: Genesee Valley / Finger Lakes Region “The Center for Sustainable Living recognizes the wisdom in natural systems that serve as models for ecological well-being. The Center provides a place for instructional programs and educational resources which integrate this knowledge into human ways of living." The Center for Sustainable Living offers a variety of instructional programs on topics including, but not limited to, agriculture, energy conservation, building technologies, and the preservation and enjoyment of wildlife habitat.”