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Adapting to and mitigating Climate Change in a way that sustains all life while striving to do so equitably is the defining issue of our time.  How we comport ourselves during this historic trial by fire will reveal our true nature. Frank J. Regan


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Opening Salvo: “Rochester, NY’s role in Climate Change


Figuring out how to engage the local media (and thus the public) while planning local action around the 2015 UN Climate Conference in Paris has been a great challenge. Someone quipped that in order to get media attention on a march for Climate Change we would probably have to do something really crazy.


That’s a little over the top, but it does dramatize the frustration those concerned about Climate Change feel. Why won’t local media pay attention to Climate Change? We’ve marched in force through downtown Rochester in support of Pope Francis’s message; we’ve conducted a well-attended forum on addressing this issue for our local candidates; and we even orchestrated a rally in front of City Hall last year representing many diverse organizations to show solidarity with the busloads of folks attending the People’s Climate March last year.


But our local media didn’t show up for any of those events. That means that local concerns for Climate Change, a worldwide crisis that includes Rochester, occurs in an insulated silo where the public continues to believe this crisis is merely a special interest. It means our local elections will say nothing about addressing Climate Change locally. It means we’ll continue to address the probable consequences of Climate Chang in our region—more flooding, more harmful algae outbreaks, and more whacky weather—by doing the same things. 


Rochester is not engaged with Climate Change, even though, as an old industrial community, we’ve played a significant role in causing this crisis. You can say we didn’t know then that our fossil-fuel-burning way of life would warm the planet, but you cannot say it didn’t help warm the planet. It’s science. Now that we know that we’ve played a role in causing Climate Change, we should play a role in its solution.


From November 30th to December 11th, the COP21 Paris Climate Conference will determine our fate. Here’s the skinny:


WEBZINE "Have you ever heard about "ocean acidification"? Did you know that 20 to 30% of animal and plant species are under threat of extinction? To learn all about COP21 main issues, browse through our webzine and download the following fact sheets." -from COP21/CMP11 for a universal climate agreement


Communities all around the world are working on local events just before the COP21 treaty to get our leaders to act.


“This will be our message as we take to the streets on 28-29 November: Keep fossil fuels in the ground — really, just stop digging and drilling — and finance a just transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050.” Global Climate March


But in Rochester, here’s the problem: What kind of an event will get sufficient media attention to get Rochesterians engaged on this issue? A march? A rally? A public forum? A concert with a major rock star? Street theatre—like maybe a fake die-in where folks lay down in the streets demonstrating a bleak future if we continue business as usual? Standing along the railroad tracks with signs about dangerous crude oil being transported through our communities on rickety rails and railcars designed for corn syrup, not highly volatile fossil fuels? A vigil with candles and prayers? A program on how to divest from fossil fuels from a prominent business man who has already walked this walk? (We are already planning this program. Stay tuned.) A lecture followed by a film like “Merchants of Doubt” to prove climate denial has been an orchestrated, heavily-funded lie? Blue ribbons in our trees to show solidarity with Paris? Flash mobbing our media outlets to wake them up? Giving away free cell phones? (Just kidding, we don’t have that kind of money.)   


A relatively small group of local folks wouldn’t have to stand on their heads and spit nickels to get media attention if the local media had been doing their job all along: connecting the dots on the local consequences of Climate Change. And now, as the window of opportunity to avoid catastrophic damage closes quickly, Rochester’s role in Climate Change threatens to be a pathetic lack of responsibility if we cannot reach our media.


Time passes.  (Click on my email for feedback)





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The great conundrum of our times is that in a time of rapidly occurring Climate Change and a rapid disintegration of the environment that we need to thrive and survive, mainstream media still marginalizes environmental concerns. [Check often for this continually updated list on the possible consequences of Climate Change in our region--supported by facts.] If there isn’t a quick and substantial change in how environmental concerns are reported, edited, and chosen in mainstream media, the public will continue to believe that environmental concerns are merely special interest matters, issues they can avoid if they choose.  How can we inform the public and monitor our environment without abridging our Freedoms--in enough time to save ourselves?


“Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water. Don't sit this one out. Do something. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet.” -- Carl Sagan


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