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Opening Salvo:  “$5 per gallon of gas will be good for our Rochester NY environment”


The possibility of gasoline prices in the Rochester NY area soaring in two years to five dollars a gallon will anger many and put fear in the hearts of others.   But raising the price of gasoline will begin to demonstrate the true price of the fuel that fuels our economy and destroys our planet.  The summer of 2008 in Rochester, NY saw over $4 per gallon for gasoline and I saw more people riding bicycles and using public transportation.  Imagine gas prices over $5 per gallon:


$5/Gallon Gas in 2012?  We could pay $5 for a gallon of gas by 2012.  That's according to former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister. (December 28, 2010) RochesterHomePage


Let’s not mince words, burning gasoline is warming the planet quickly and polluting it to an intolerable degree.  Lead in gasoline used to be responsible for massive lead poisoning, but that has been dealt with.  However, nothing much can be done to turn something that burns fossil fuel into a something that doesn’t burn fossil fuels.  Releasing the carbon (stored energy) in fossil fuel by igniting it does what you’d expect—it releases greenhouse gases. 


All that the environmental community has done and tries to do to reduce our dependency on coal and gasoline won’t have the punch that raising the price of gasoline will have.  Raising the price will hurt the public who is unreasonably dependant on an artificial price (the Europeans, for example pay a lot more and more in taxes for gasoline), but it won’t be the fault of the greenies.  It won’t be your representatives’ fault.  And, it won’t be the fault of a liberal conspiracy; it will be the market.  Gasoline is becoming dearer, more costly to extract, and there is going to be less of it.  Granted, there were a lot of dinosaurs and ancient plants that broke down and became oil, but there was not an infinite amount of them.


On very many environmental issues the public can ignore the warnings, dismiss the environmentalists, vote for candidates who do nothing, buy products that pollute our environment, or get angry with anyone who tries to pass laws that limit their choices—however misguided.  But when the price of gasoline goes up to five dollars a gallon, you pay the price.  Or, you ditch your gas-guzzler, or move closer to your daily job, and maybe start riding a bike for those short distances that most of us now travel in our vehicles.  


The point is that we can only hold off living sustainably for so long, and then reality, physics, and biology catches up with us.  For those who think they can deny Climate Change and wait out the consequences, they might have to do so while taking public transportation because it will be just too expensive to drive that dream vehicle that insolates us from doing the right thing. 


Maybe the prices for gasoline will not go to 5 dollars a gallon in two years.  Maybe there’s lots of gasoline where they haven’t looked.  Maybe it will take ten years for the price to go up.  But it’s a reasonable assumption that when unreasonable desires are pit against physics, physics wins.  (Click on my email for feedback)




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