The Project

This website is hosted and maintained by Rochester Ecology Partners as part of the Greater Rochester Environmental Community Analysis Project. The goal of the project is to understand and connect the work of organizations that are dedicated to community and environmental well-being for all. 

This website provides a living, growing database of organizations across the nine-county Greater Rochester Region that are doing this work, the results of our environmental community analysis, and stories of collaboration and connection. We intend that this resource will provide the information and inspiration needed to facilitate coming together and the growth in reach and impact of our regional environmental movement.

Ultimately, the entire project is intended to enable a more connected environmental movement locally, the application of resources in ways that lead to change for those that need it most, and a shared vision that has been developed and adopted by the community.

Project Benefits

Shared Definitions

→ Common framework for communication
→ Connect to larger movements nationally and globally


→ Easier to connect around same issues or across issues
→ Easier to connect with resources


→ Highlight common challenges
→ Illuminate solutions that are working
→ Identify gaps and opportunities

Network Building

→ Collaborative opportunities
→ Resource sharing

Rochester Ecology Partners

Rochester Ecology Partners serves people in Greater Rochester through nature-based learning and community-building opportunities. Founded in 2020, our organization exists to help all people find nature where they live, work, and play.

Supporting Partners and Special Thanks

This project is made possible by contributions from Rochester Area Community Foundation and the Emil Muller Foundation.

Special thanks to Frank Regan, who allowed this website to carry the torch of the URL, which was the home of Frank’s remarkably dedicated and extensive clearinghouse of regional environmental information for twenty-five years.

The Project Team

This project has been led and developed by a team of community members as principal investigators, research design committee members, and advisory committee members.

Principal Investigators
Tonya Noel
Adrienne Perovich
Chris Widmaier

Research Design Team
Dr. Kathleeen Donovan
Ann Howard, JD
Dr. Jane Coggshall McConnochie

Advisory Committee
Calvin Eaton
Antonius Chess
Jennifer Lowenstein
Carter Remy
Nathan Hayes
Sally Howard
Julio Jordan

Website Developer

This website has been developed by Samuel Sedia.