Launching the Greater Rochester Environmental Community Directory

Rochester Ecology Partners is happy to announce the launch of the Greater Rochester Environmental Community Directory. Over 100 groups dedicated to improving community well-being and the environment for all have agreed to be listed and more are expected to join as they learn about the directory. The directory can be found at

This directory serves as a freely available community resource for individuals, organizations, and leaders to learn about the work different groups are doing, cultivate a network for common causes, and facilitate collaboration that amplifies impact.

Developed as part of a larger project funded by the Rochester Area Community Foundation and the Emil Muller Foundation to learn about how and what people are doing to create a just and sustainable future in our nine-county region this directory represents the work of a diverse collection of community partners. The project team used inclusive and equitable processes to catalog, survey, and interview community members to analyze the current state of our regional environmental movement. As the definition of an “environmental organization” changes to reflect the intersection of social and ecological systems we hope this project will help our community move forward in ways that lead to improved environmental and community health.

On the website listings can be viewed, searched, and sorted as well as added to the directory. Names, contact information, location, and areas of focus are included in most listings as sortable and searchable fields. In addition to the listings a blog and details about the project can be found on the website.

Please reach out to Chris Widmaier, Executive Director of Rochester Ecology Partners, with any questions or comments.

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