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SSeneca Park eneca Park in Monroe County is one of three Olmstead parks in our area. Frederick Law Olmsted, A celebration of the life and work of Frederick Law Olmsted, founder of American landscape architecture. More on Frederick Law Olmsted





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Seneca Park Newslinks

At various times, Seneca Park has been in our local news.

  • The New Zoo A Commercial on why Seneca Park Zoo thinks it needs a new zoo.
  • Monroe County: Park News and Events Seneca Park Zoo Development Plan
  • The Seneca Park ALLIANCE - Save Our Seneca Park - As proposed, Seneca Park Zoo expansion will negatively impact a considerable portion of some of the most attractive space in the park.
  • Bigger zoo, better zoo? Read a collection of articles the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle has done on the zoo issue. 
  • Seneca Park Zoo Rochester's zoo. The Seneca Park Zoo is owned and operated by Monroe County. The Seneca Park Zoo Society is a not-for-profit organization that has, since 1957, provided education, fund raising, special events and public relations support to Monroe County's Seneca park Zoo in Rochester, New York.
  • Welcome To Seneca Park INFORMATION: (716)256-4950 You can find out how to reserve a lodge or shelter in the Lodges section of this site.
  • Friends and Neighbors of Seneca Park For Preservation of Park Land, Public Heritage and Quality of Life. FNSP members are from all areas of Monroe County, all ages and economic groups, as well as political parties. FNSP takes the following position on the loss of Seneca Park land to the zoo expansion:
    1.) There should be a Superintendent of Seneca Park separate and distinct from the Zoo Superintendent
    2.) The Zoo should be renovated within the current footprint.
    3.) An offsite Welcome Center for the Zoo should be developed for parking, administration, ticket sales, year round educational lecture series, classes, movies and slide shows, fund raising events, corporate and and private affairs, and a base for small shuttles to the zoo and the park. (Ask for Proposal)
    4.) There should be a feasibility study to investigate a second site for the zoo. (Ask for Proposal)
    5.) A task force should be created to formulate a plan for Seneca Park and the Zoo that includes representatives from all interest groups.
  • Details of zoo survey (July 23, 2000) -- The Democrat and Chronicle commissioned a telephone survey, conducted July 8-9, to gauge public opinion about options for the Seneca Park Zoo.
  • Zoo options Go here to get detailed descriptions of the four zoo expansion options. --DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE Digital Edition
  • Seneca Park High Resolution Map High resolution map of the trail from Seneca Park to Lake Ontario.
  • Preservation League of New York State The Preservation League of New York State is dedicated to the protection of New York's diverse and rich heritage of historic buildings, districts, and landscapes. It actively encourages historic preservation by public and private organizations, agencies, and individuals in local communities throughout New York State and provides the united voice for historic preservation.
  • Seattle Parks and Recreation Olmsted Parks Info on Olmstead Parks
  • The Landmark Society of Western New York  Our mission is to discover, protect, and revitalize the architectural and related cultural heritage of the Rochester region, and to educate and inform our community about that heritage. Who we are: The Landmark Society of Western New York, Inc., is one of the oldest and most active preservation organizations in America. It is a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to preserving, interpreting and fostering interest in the architectural, historical and cultural heritage of our region. The Landmark Society's service area covers nine Western New York counties.
  • People for Parks is the only local, not-for-profit organization solely dedicated to the preservation and protection of the historical, horticultural, and natural legacy for which our parks are famous.
  • Parks Advisory Committe(PAC)
  • Seneca Park and the Zoo Opinions and photographs about the Seneca Park Zoo.
  • Artcom Museums Tour: Seneca Park Zoo Statement of Purpose: Education, conservation, research and recreation.
  • County-Wide Coalition for Parks Monroe County The Country-Wide Coalition for Parks is a coalition of various organizations and individuals who are allied to advocate for parks. Our two goals are:1. To promote the citizens' non-partisan, community-based participation in decisions about public parks in Monroe County. 2. To promote appropriate uses of parks and to oppose the commercial exploitation of
    natural spaces within our parks.
  • Preservation League of New York State Seneca Park (Rochester) Seneca Park, in the City of Rochester, is nationally recognized as an important historic landscape. It was designed 107 years ago by Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr., who is acclaimed as North America's greatest landscape architect.


Resources for Seneca Park

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  • Parks | Monroe County, NY Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, this unique 297 acre park offers many different aspects of nature, as well as offering recreational areas. Seneca Park provides three picnic shelters, the newly renovated Wegman Lodge, playgrounds, scenic views of the Genesee River gorge, hiking trails, open fields and large pond with a paved walking path. --from MyMonroe. Opening Up Government. | Monroe County, NY
  • The National Association for Olmsted Parks (NAOP) is a multidisciplinary coalition of park advocates, landscape architects, planners, historians, conservationists and civic leaders committed to preserving our landscape heritage. NAOP offers support, advice, and information to those involved with the preservation of historic landscapes and the creation of new ones. NAOP is a network of volunteers and professionals, actively working to ensure the healthy renewal of Olmsted parks and landscapes for future generations.
  •  Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, Inc., an independent not-for-profit community organization, promotes, preserves, restores, enhances, and ensures maintenance of Olmsted-designed parks and parkways in the Greater Buffalo area to guarantee Olmsted park experiences for current and future generations.