Storytelling to Build Community

The best way to build community is to tell stories that highlight why and how we do the work that we do. The Greater Rochester Environmental Community Directory is one way we are working to connect people and organizations but what really gets us excited is the opportunity to share how these connections lead to change. As connections are made we look forward to publishing what happens as a result.

Some of the things we want to share

  • Collaborations and coalitions that form to create capacity
  • Events and activities that bring people together
  • Resources and recommendations for cultivating a robust local movement
  • Celebrations of successful efforts to make things happen

Please reach out if you are interested in sharing your story or would like to help curate the stories of others.

“I believe the best way to begin reconnecting humanity’s heart, mind, and soul to nature is for us to share our individual stories.”

― J. Drew Lanham, The Home Place: Memoirs of a Colored Man’s Love Affair with Nature
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